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Tiger's Church Is Closing
By Kickntrue on 12/1/09
All of this Tiger stuff is bad enough, but now even his church his bailing on him. TigerWoodsIsGod.com is closing it's blog down. The self named, "First Church of Tiger Woods" run by "Pastor" John Ziegler has seen enough. After 14 years of constant updates on Tiger Woods and what a great person he is on and off the course, John can no longer in good faith do what he does.

I've seen this blog before and have often got a kick out of it. It's a shame that John has lost complete faith in Tiger over this past weekend, especially after the New York Post's exclusive interview with Rachel Uchitel, the alleged "cheetee" where she vehemently denies any relationship between herself and Tiger. It could just be a well done coverup, but it's pretty convincing. Plus- isn't it usually the unknown person who's supposed to be craving the media attention and breaking the story wide open? Shouldn't she be "telling all" and be demanding appearance fees for her interviews?

NewYorkPost Exclusive Interview

UPDATE - TOO AWESOME!!! The reenactment is amazing.

Via Deadspin.com
Via SI's Hot Clicks

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Barroomhero says:
Man those guys are all fire and brimstone on Tiger
bducharm says:
The reenactment was TOO funny - it shows a mini-van. And that looked NOTHING like Elin!!! LOL
Backquak says:
The funniest thing about that reenactment is that, thats exactly what I thought happened. Funny, do you really think thats the way it happened?
oobscott2 says:
haha one of the best videos ive ever seen
Oak says:
OMG, they pretty much nailed it. That's freaking awesome, especially the way they have Tiger driving a Minivan. Can you imagine Tiger pulling up next to you in a Ford Astro?

I think we all can rationalize by now that this is probably very close to what happened. They were obviously in a domestic quabble which led to him making an attempt to go for a drive and a take a breather. However, perhaps she just may be as crazy as a couple of my ex's. Maybe TMZ can fish out some more details to make for a truer re-enactment.

And for god's sake, if you're going to give Tiger a minivan at least chrome that puppy up with some 20" blades.
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