Can This Be Over Soon?
By Kickntrue on 12/2/09
I want to ignore it, but I'm not sure how I can avoid posting this audio of (allegedly) Tiger Woods asking a girl to change her voicemail so if his wife called, she wouldn't know who it is.

Man... sure sounds like him. By the way- this is ANOTHER girl, named Jamie Grubbs, not the Rachel chick the tabloids were targeting the first time around. All you need to know about Jamie- she was on the show "Tool Academy" on VH1, and unlike Rachel Uchitel who is denying things and trying to get her life back to normal, Grubbs says she has 300+ texts and this voicemail to prover her affair. Basically, she is playing the part of the down low ho to perfection.

It's amazing that we become so fascinated with this story every time it happens. Haven't rich powerful men been screwing around since the beginning of time? Maybe the dude should reopen his church, because I feel like this story is almost Biblical. Whatsup Bathsheba?! How you doing Delilah? Props to Sunday School!

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Backquak says:
20 times in 2 years, is what "us magazine"says, I always thought affairs were the reason they were so busy, but I guess with Tiger's crazy schedule, it must have been hard to squeeze one in. tsk,tsk,tsk, shame on you Tiger, is it the cheek bones he went for? Elin is much prettier.
Swingem says:
Looks like TW's car accident is turning into a train wreck. I'd like to see some voice analysis before we give this recording any credibility, but if this stuff is true then the window of opportunity for TW to fess-up and get ahead of this is rapidly closing. Of course we all know that Tiger Woods is the best in the world at finding the hole! OOOOWWWW!!!
Backquak says:
I guess he is admitting an affair without officially admitting an affair, his statement on foxnews pretty much sounds that way to me. Everyone stumbles, it seems a more common problem lately, guys in my church, superstars, people i would never expect to cheat are cheating. I recently had the finger pointed at me and boy did I get defensive. It sucked, but I can honestly say I've never cheated, thought about it once or twice, but never could go through with it. I'm glad, it would suck to be in a situation like Tiger, where he has to bare his sins to the whole world, and I think eventually he will have to, to put this behind him, or he could just walk away from golf, he certainly doesn't have to play for the money.
TWUES17 says:
Backquack raises an interesting point. I think him walking away from golf would be the ultimate 'Fuck you' to the the media, the Tiger haters and converted Tiger lovers alike. While I would be sad to never see him play again in a public forum, I'd certainly be proud of him for standing up for himself. Of course, he could go the opposite route and go out and get himself another Tiger slam. I'd vastly prefer that form of 'Fuck you.'
Trip says:
What a disappointment. There just aren't any decent "role models" these days. Even though people shouldn't look up to these "idols", they do and another one has fallen. As a married man with two kids, I now think he is a piece of trash. I though (for some reason) he was a good person. Cheating on your wife while she is pregnant does not qualify you as a good person in my book. People make mistakes and deserve a second chance, but I still think he is garbage.
Swingem says:
Bottom line is; I don't give a F**K what Tiger's into. I've been married for 24 years to a wonderful woman (never cheated, never even thought about it) and I'm doing OK, (better then some-not as good as others). I have two boys and I'm their role model! If Tiger tanks, or comes back and breaks all the records, at the end of the day who cares? Tiger is golf's version of Tommy from the WHO's rock opera; "let's forget you better still"!
kregan says:
Now we know why they yell "get in the hole" at tiger all the time.
Kurt the Knife says:
@ kregan.


but i like it.
Barroomhero says:
So thats what he meant by the back nine! Now I get it. Atleast we have role models like Phil, Paddy, and Daly.
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