Reason's to Hate Golf
By Kickntrue on 1/30/07
This is an old article from January of 2004, written by Dan Jenkins for GolfDigest. It cites a study of sports Americans despised the most, and golf took 3 of the top 10 spots with PGA, Seniors Tour, and LPGA. He then goes on to give 10 reasons why each is bad. If you've ever been to a live event, you'll get a kick out of this.

A Sample:
The 10 things people hate most about the PGA Tour are:
1. Some guy you've never heard of winning a tournament.
2. Any tournament until the last nine holes Sunday.
3. All those people who don't play golf and don't know anything about it sitting in all those luxury boxes you can't get in.
4. Guys marking, strolling, kneeling, studying and plumb-bobbing who'll finish 63rd.
5. Gary McCord's joke book.
6. "I'm just out here trying to make a living for my family."
7. Having to park in Bolivia to take a shuttle bus.
8. Guy in a uniform thinks he owns the crosswalk.
9. What a bummer: You stay out there drenched in sweat all day and Tiger Woods don't even win.
10. "Are you kidding? You don't sell a single shirt in here without this stupid logo on it?"

If you thought that was good, check out the whole article HERE.

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