Can Rickie make the cut?
Q-Schools In Full Swing
By Kickntrue on 12/3/09
Important golf is currently being played by aspiring PGA Tour and LPGA men and women this week. How important? The worst player on the PGA Tour makes a couple hundred thousand bucks a year. The best player on the Nationwide about the same. The disparity on the womens' side is much worse. It's the difference between eating at Applebees or living off ramen noodles.

Our fav, Tiffany Joh is off to a rough start, but here's hoping she gets things together! On the men's side, there are a couple interesting stories, including Rickie Fowler trying to qualify himself full time for the PGA Tour so he doesn't have to live off sponsor's exemptions in 2010 as well as a gaggle of older long-time Tour players who missed renewing their ticket to the Tour with their 2009 performance.

LPGA Q-School Update
PGA Tour Q-School Update

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Oak says:
The PGA link also goes to te LPGA. I'm stoked to watch coverage on the Golf Channel this weekend. A lot of great golfers, some young, some old, which should make for some great drama.

Not sure much about the LPGA. Is there an up and coming hottie watch list? Blumenherst is gettig the Nike $$ and the press but she looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit a few branches on the way down. Perhaps I'll do 15 minutes of ghetto research and repost.
Kickntrue says:
@oak - thanks for the headsup. fixed.
Oak says:
Erica Blasberg withdrew. WTF!?! There's one more reason why I won't watch that much Women's golf. Hope she's not hurt. Such a shame, hopefully she'll start living up to those expectations soon and grace us more often with her hottness, uh I mean game.
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