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I Can't Not Post This
By Kickntrue on 12/3/09
This is not about the guy in the news that I promised I wouldn't write about anymore. In fairness this is more about the crazy crap that is happening now because of the story moreso than the story itself..

A porn company is offering $1M to any woman who can prove she slept with Tiger, who will sign a contract with the company to film. Obviously they're looking for one of his ... "around the way" girls, but you know who should totally do this- for the world's ultimate revenge? Elin!

She can come out of this making all his money, making some side money and then totally PWNING Tiger in the process. Is there a worse nightmare for any powerful husband than thinking of his wife sleeping with another man... on film no less? Of course... her kids will see it some day, so this is a pretty terrible idea.

Full Story

Tiger has also been offered $5M to be the face of a website made for finding cheating partners on your wife or girlfriend. Why the heck does this exist?! I guess it's comforting for him to know that if his other sponsors drop him because of all this he has a backup plan worth more than most make in 100 years of work. (Full Story)

And while we're at it- here is a breakdown of Tiger Woods handwriting his signature and what it means about him. Do people really buy this crap?! (Full Story)

photo source (I thought going with this picture may be the safest of the three stories)

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Backquak says:
what just happened? some stupid ad keeps popping up everytime i open an article, and I cant scroll down, help!!!
Kickntrue says:
@backquak- we're working on it. not sure what the heck happened either but we're aware.
falcon50driver says:
I guess now she sees what her parents were talking about.
wrhall02 says:
Also, tried hyper links to several courses and got a weight loss site.
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