Since When Is "Play Golf" A Bad Thing?
By Kickntrue on 12/4/09
Analysts had some bad news for real estate developers at an annual meeting yesterday, "play golf." Supposedly this was supposed to be terrible news.
[Pat Leardo, a former real estate adviser with PricewaterhouseCoopers and managing member of Domain Capital Advisors LLC] repeated a conclusion from last year's report, that there will not be a quick fix to help real estate markets turn around.

“There's nothing the government can do, there's nothing the real estate industry can do to make this go away quickly,” Leardo said.

Leardo gave perhaps his bleakest assessment for developers.

“If you are a developer, you probably need to play golf in 2010,” he said.
Note to analysts... if you're trying to tell someone that the economy is terrible and that they're going to go broke, maybe "play golf" should be replaced by something more awful like, "sign up for welfare." Just saying.

This actually makes me want to be a real estate developer.

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Kurt the Knife says:
thats good news.
Developers have run rampant around here with their bland, soulless productions.
It will be good to see some grass and trees around here for a while.
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