I see this all the time while golfing.
Finally, Some "oobgolf-type" News!
By Kickntrue on 12/7/09
Posh Spice. Victoria Beckham. Whatever you want to call her- took to an LA golf club yesterday with her kids. So what is the "news" you ask...? Get this, some folks are upset because her shirt was ripped and she was wearing jeans. She also didn't have a bra on (says the article, but frankly, how would you know?). I'll link to the pics though I can't post them here (stupid sexy threat of a lawsuit), but here's the thing; a super hot mommy decides to go out to the golf course and all we can talk about is the outfit? How about being happy that you were on the golf course with someone not drinking 5 beers and weighing over 250 pounds? Seriously, look at that picture (I can use) on the right... you really want to complain about anything she choose to or choose NOT to wear?!

She is totally trying to dress like a man and avoid attention in these photos but it's not working. Call me crazy, but I think it actually makes her look hotter than if she was done up.

Full Story and PICS

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jeremyheslop says:
Personally I don't care to much about dress codes. Obviously there are limits, but as long as people are comfortable for playing golf that is what matters. The only crime committed here is the fact she needs to gain some weight! I thought it was going to be alot worse from your comments above, but the PICS were pretty tame. Tamer than you photo in the post :)
kidputter says:
I think the outfit is inappropriate in the fact that the shirt was in bad taste. Fine for a club or music video. Not the golf course. Just my opinion. Clean and complete is the only dress code I feel is needed.
jeremyheslop says:
True, but is it worth getting upset over? If she was out just once like this who cares. If it becomes a habit then maybe the complaining was warranted. Anyway it's only news because it's a "star".
Frankie C says:
Doesn't look like she was playing golf. Was that an actual golf course or just some farmer's field?
Sodasai says:
Its funny how people are so obsessed with losing and gaining weight.
SweetJazz says:
I think it is more shocking how skinny she is. She is obviously not playing golf. People in our sport can be a little pompous at times.
Swingem says:
She looks like "mosh" spice. Appropriate dress depends on the venue, just like anything else. Personally, I think she looks ridiculous.
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