Golf Tips For Elin Woods
By Kickntrue on 12/8/09
I love how we can make jokes about Elin beating Tiger with a golf club. Out of the other side of our mouth we'd preach about how terrible domestic abuse is. Is it because it's a woman beating a man so we don't think she could actually do any damage? Is it because we strongly think he is an ass who cheated on her, so he had it coming? Is it just because we all want the story and nobody is talking, so it's okay to make it up in joke form?

Seriously people... domestic abuse is bad. ... now on to the jokes!

Our friend Ken over at put together a little cheat sheet of famous instances of golf club beatings and damages. Believe it or not, this is not the first time this has (supposedly) happened. Tiger is actually in some pretty good company with Sir Nick Faldo, Jack Nicholson, and soccer player Craig Bellamy (ya, me neither).

Ken describes each instance in detail, but really takes things to the next level by giving each person swing tips on how they could have caused more damage as well as the equipment most likely used in each case. For Elin:
As I've read in many of Tiger's books: Always warm up. Elin did some light jogging while twirling the club over her head to loosen up her upper body.
It's worth a quick read, because, well, as much as we don't want to talk about it- there isn't really much else going on.

Also- while I have you for a second... Elin is really hot. I mean... really hot. I think while she's laid low the past few years as "Tiger's wife" I forgot how hot "supermodel Elin Nordegren" is. Do yourself a favor and check out this quick Google Image Search - HERE.

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Backquak says:
She is super hot!!! I hope everything is OK at the Woods house, I'm sure this whole thing is harder on her than anyone else. She certainly hasn't been in the spot light much since she married Tiger, she seems pretty private and reclusive, especially for a smoking hot swim suite model.
This is all speculation of course, but I know if my wife caught me cheating, she would chase me with a bat or something, only after I crashed she would drag me out of the car just to finish me off.
Backquak says:
One more thing, if Elin did in fact chase Tiger with the golf club, I say "if" because it is just speculation, but if she did, then I think that just shows how much she does truly care for Tiger, because it seems like most of these high dollar marriages are just about the money and when they fail, they each move on like there are no hard feelings. I mean, come on, didn't hey have any feelings at all? They should dish some dirt at least, let us know they cared.
I heard something about redoing the prenump last week, so Tiger has 2 years to earn her trust again or she and the kids are out of there. Go Elin, straighten that boy out.
cheymike says:
If all the accusations and speculations are true, then I think Elin should get the ultimate revenge on Tiger. She should cheat on him with a white, older, out of shape, high-handicap, broke, lives in a shack (compared to Tiger's place), Wyoming vs. Florida (specifically Cheyenne), drives a dodge, works in a warehouse kinda guy. *ahem* Elin, just PM me and I'll send you the address! LOL!
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