Holiday Gift Guide And Contest
By Kickntrue on 12/8/09
Our friend Sean at has put together a holiday gift guide as well as a little contest. I'm never against free swag. I just hope you guys don't think you're winning that putter! It's MINE!

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Panerai111 says:
k-von says:
Don't you have a brand new, custom-fitted Method putter already in the mail? I fear Jeremy Heslop has ushered in an era of insatiable free equipment hoarding.
Kickntrue says:
@kjn122- i do, but it doesn't deliver until spring. what will i putt with the next 2 months (in my living room)?!
Jattruia says:
This is cool and all, but what happened to the 'oobgolf Mystery Bags?'
DeepRough says:
The first prize has been awarded, but still time to win plenty of other prizes, including the Heavy Putter!
jeremyheslop says:
kjn122, It happened again. Muahaha! Thanks DeepRough! Mmmmm birdie balls.
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