Q-School Finished. 2010 Tours Set.
By Kickntrue on 12/9/09
PGA and LPGA Q School wrapped up this past weekend so we know at least who will have first shot at teeing it up next year.

On the men's side- Q School was won by Boise State's Troy Merritt who finished at -22 under for the 5 day event. He has an amazing collegiate record and should be a force on Tour next year. The most notable qualifier was Rickie Fowler. An amateur star, those who follow the up and comers closely have been keeping their eyes on Rickie for years. He almost earned his card from just 4 sponsors exemption events in 2009 and the real question was more when not if for Rickie. He has a killer game and should be a lady killer to boot. Like Camilo or Adam Scott, expect your wife or girlfriend to be extra attentive to PGA Tour action when Rickie's on the screen.

On the women's side, Q School was won by Amanda Blumenherst, who much like Rickie Fowler is an up and coming star a lot of golf insiders have been watching for years.

I really think the talent that is coming to the next level now is a direct result of the success of Tiger Woods and what he has meant to the game of golf. These are young kids who saw him break into the game when they were impressionable to want to follow and his footsteps, and young enough to build up the skills from scratch to do so. They didn't need to be playing the game already... if that makes any sense. I'm not going to get into a big debate (you can if you'd like) about how that may chance with this whole mess going on with Tiger, but I really do think the next wave of talent will be on another level, but as a whole, maybe not so much individually.

Meet Your Q-School Grads
LPGA Qualifiers

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bducharm says:
Rickie Fowler is going to be a BEAST on the PGA Tour!!!
Oak says:
no Erica Blasberg........ :(
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