Let's Be Open Minded, Folks.
By Kickntrue on 12/10/09
You'd compare a graceful golf swing to the fluidity of a dance. That's why I'm digging this ballet dancer comparing his dance to golf.
This may be a first, but Eddy Tovar, the gifted Cuban dancer starring for Texas Ballet Theater, compares the art form at which he excels to golf.

That’s right, golf.

"You get frustrated. Very frustrated," he said, before a recent rehearsal. "It can be hard, very hard, but it can also be . . . amazing."

Like a golfer who finally reaches a breakthrough on the fairway or green, "you suddenly find in yourself something you never did before. And once you know your body, your movements, how you dance, ballet can finally become . . . easier. But it’s always challenging. It never stops being challenging. You know, like golf."
This is a big step for me to say something like this...

One of the most horrific experiences of my life happened at the ballet. It was at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. My cousin had the prestigious honor of opening up for the main act with her college troupe. Little did any of the 30 family members who showed up to support her realize, that the main act was the interpretive dance of a man's self discovery into, well, loving men. There are some things a 14 year-old should never see. Two men getting naked (completely) on a stage and then dancing around with prosthetic appendages (we're not talking arms here) acting out their "love dance" for all too see was just too much. I don't know who was more horrified; the 10 of us between 10 and 15 years of age, our parents, our grandmother or my cousin who invited us all without knowing what the actual main performance was. I honestly have no clue why the ticket takers even let us in. I guess the whole "art or porn" debate...

This is the first time I've been able to talk about this... almost 15 years later. It wasn't nearly as therapeutic as I thought it would be... but I've already written it- so enjoy a laugh at my expense.

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bducharm says:
That's about as good as seeing a tour group come walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam at about 10:00 pm - grandmothers, children, etc. all being shown what the Red Light District is ALL about..."And as you can see, the girls sit in the windows and advertise their wares!"...
Backquak says:
Umm, how long did you watch the show? I mean, even at 14, I would have been running for the door, as soon as the man discovered, well I wouldn't have even made it that far.
mjaber says:
@bducharm... Those girls get kind of upset when you take their picture...
mbills1015 says:
I guess the most important question is... did you enjoy the show??
Banker85 says:
how did your cousin not know?! thats messed up.
Kickntrue says:
@mbills1015- i'm not even going to validate that question with an answer.

@backquak- it wasn't that easy. where was i going to go? plus you're sitting there with your parents, dressed up, after a 2 hour drive to DC to see the show. plus- we were at Kennedy Center- not a local high school auditorium. you don't just get up and walk out, especially as a group.
mustang6560 says:
bducharm says:
@mjaber - UH, how do you know??? :-)...
falcon50driver says:
Your first clue should have been "It's in Washington D.C." Second clue "Kennedy Center" Third clue "It's a Ballet"
Tee it High. says:
@merlin2driver - Yes because everything that happens in our Nations capital and the Kennedy Center is a dance filled homosexual experience. Thank you for your brilliant insight and cultured opinions.

That's like me saying there are only 2 things in Texas and you don't look like a steer.
falcon50driver says:
I've been to D.C....You obviously haven't been to Texas.
mjaber says:
@dbucharm... Was in Brussels, and my co-worker deciede we would take a "field trip" to the area. While he was "negotiating", I decided to play photo-journalist. They were not happy. :)
Mookie says:
Oh cut the DC crap. It's just like every other big city with big suburbs except its primary industry is being the capital of the free world, so it attracts people who want power and money. And of course, it attracts 535 corrupt members of Congress, who keep getting re-elected because everyone out there in the pure, sweet all-American districts with their imagined monopolies on common sense thinks that their congressman and senator are the only ones who aren't corrupt.
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