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GolfWeek's Best Courses
By Kickntrue on 12/11/09
I know the whole "Top (Fill-in-Anything)" lists get pretty popular this time of year, but there is a reason for this; they're fun. Golfweek has released its 2009 list of the best courses overall, the best courses you can play, the best casino courses and the best new courses. The best you can play lists are pretty similar from year to year but I had a lot of fun with the casino and new courses list.

Everyone knows about Vegas, but I had no clue there were so many other states that had casinos with top notch courses. There are 6 in Mississippi alone! Who'd have thought that?! I'm going to use this list as a vacation planner, I just need to get it by my wife. "Honestly honey, I had no clue all of these stops had CASINOS. I just picked it because it had a spa (and golf course)... but since we're here..."

I am a little sad I missed an opportunity, though. I had a chance recently to play the new Dye Course at French Lick Resort in Indiana but couldn't make the trip. I didn't realize how highly the course was being touted or that I would probably never get to realistically play the course again since it has a $350 price tag! Bummer.

GolfWeek's Best

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munk24 says:
If you get a chance try Dancing Rabbit in Mississippi, lot of reviews claiming its the closest thing that an average golfer can play to Augusta National, Ive never played Augusta, so I really cant compare, but Dancing Rabbit was sweet
woobwoob says:
The group I play with every week scour the net for coupons and won't play anywhere over $60 except for a special trip once or twice a year to Tour 18 Dallas ($70-90), or The Tribute ($90-120).

I would never play anywhere for more unless I wanted to take care of a bucket list item and play Pebble. All these courses that charge rediculous ($150+) rates are hurting the game more than helping it.

Avid Golfer, a local TX magazine, rated the top 50 courses in the DFW area, and of course, Cowboys Golf Club came out on top. It costs $190 to play there during prime time, simply rediculous. I look over there from the municiple course next to it, and just don't get it. It just isn't that spectacular. There are ton of gems that exist in the area that charge well below what cowboys require. I would much rather play Southern Oaks, Tangle Ridge, Fossil Creek, Split Rail, Waterchase, Sky Creek Ranch, or Hawks Creek multiple times for what it costs to play Cowboys or Colonial.
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