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The TW "Futures" Market
Woods Loses Sponsors
By Kickntrue on 12/14/09
The Tiger ditching has begun and you can now cross Accenture and Gillette off the list of Tiger's Biggest Fans. Both companies decided to part ways with the golfer in light of his recent scandal.
The consulting firm Accenture, whose ads featuring the athlete are frequently found on airport billboards and on television, became the first sponsor to completely sever its ties with Woods, ending its multimillion-dollar campaign with the star.

Wood's was "no longer the right representative," Accenture announced in a statement on its Web site on Sunday.
While I certainly understand why they felt they had to do this, I think really opened up opportunities for competitors down the road. I don't remember much from Economics 101, but I do remember that pretty much every rich man and company throughout time has made their money based on one 2 word phrase- "Buy Low."

I'd root for Nike to drop him, but unfortunately I'm afraid even Tiger's "low" is a bit too steep for oobgolf.

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Backquak says:
I figured Accenture would drop him based on the commercials they put out, That Tiger image is gone now. Gillette? Who cares about Gillette? I certainly wasn't buying shaving blades based on a celebrity endorsement. Since he's not playing golf does that mean he's not fullfilling his contracts with nike? or do they now endorsement armchair quarterbacks? or in Tiger's case, struggling fallen family men/sex addicts?
Banker85 says:
Tiger is Nike Golf so no way they would drop him. im growing bored with this.
activesense says:
Maybe Trojan will jump on this and sign him up as the new face for their product. A possible new tagline, "Built Tiger tough".

I also agree with Banker85, Tiger helped build Nike's image as a serious competitor in golf equipment, but I believe they can stand on their own now with or without him so we will see what happens with that.

OK that's the Tiger story, next philandering celebrity please.
mmontisano says:
Nike won't drop him because they have too much invested. BUT, if they did indeed drop him, the next in line would have to sign him for an extended amount of time because Tiger IS Nike golf and it would take years for people to forget that.

so it would take A LOT of capital to get him into a contract. and really, who besides TaylorMade has that kind of money????
Shankapotamus says:
@activesense- That's funny but, according to his mistresses, Tiger does like to put a headcover on his wood. If he can't get a deal with Trojan, maybe a disposable cell phone company or Hostess cupcakes?

Jokes aside, smart move by Accenture. They used Tiger for name recognition (not a direct product endorsement like Gillete, Gatorade, etc.) and by dropping him, the name Accenture has been all over the news and in headlines for free! Besides, phrases like "We know what it takes to be a Tiger" don't exactly work anymore.
falcon50driver says:
Fox News and CNN have reported that Elin Nordegren moved to the top of the money list
on the PGA Tour yesterday after "beating" Tiger Woods, the world's number one golfer.

The news came after Woods mistakenly played the wrong hole.
Matt F says:
merlin, that's the best joke I've heard so far.

Oak says:
Tiger should have been cast on MTV's Jersey Shore. The girls would have just loved his big pimpin attitude at the clubs and there would have been tremendous potential for a hot tub scene with him and Snooki. Could have been good times. :(
oobscott2 says:
actually, tiger played the wrong course
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