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China To Crack Down On Illegal Courses
By Kickntrue on 12/15/09
How big is China? The rich are building secret golf courses that the government wants to eliminate but can't find.
Construction of new courses has been so rapid, widespread and unregulated that Beijing officials can only estimate how many have been built. One guess, appearing in the China Daily newspaper Tuesday, put the number at 2,700 by 2015 - up from none before 1984 and more than 500 today.

"We still don't know the exact figure, but we're working on it and will have the information by 2010," the head of land planning at the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, Dong Zuoji, was quoted as saying. "The culprits will face harsh punishment."
The Chinese government is using satellite images to try to track down to monitor major development and may come and plow up unauthorized courses.

Just remember before you comment on this one... these guys are going to own us in a couple years and who knows how many people they'll task to come track down anyone and everyone who has ever said anything bad about China. For that reason... I'm all for them finding these punks who want a place to play golf!!!

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tiwahu says:
Can't they just use to find them?
Backquak says:
If the government can't find these courses, how will we make our tee time? And I guess the courses won't be mapped on upro or skycaddie yet?
Backquak says:
I have this picture in my head, of massive camo tents hiding the courses from satellites. Indoor golf, full size course.
activesense says:
Maybe they have "urban golf" courses set up, through the streets of beijing. With lookouts posted to alert the players when the golf police are coming. Then they convert the golf cart to a rickshaw and start selling raw fish and noodles from the beer cart.
Is this too far down the stereotype road?
chrisfb1 says:
SAT imaging? this is how rich country spend their tax dollars, using their satellite to look for golf courses! lol!
chrisfb1 says:
Oh! wait. it got to be an international espionage. Is it Tiger? please just leave the man alone!
Patrick McKay says:
I wish I could build a secret course so I wouldn't have to play 6 hour rounds behind hackers and their wives
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