Timberlake To Close Course Temporarily
By Kickntrue on 12/16/09
Just months after opening, Justin Timberlake is closing down his Memphis, Tennessee, course for 6 months to make improvements.
The Mirimichi golf course will close from Jan. 15 to July 17 while its greens, bunkers and drainage are improved and its wetlands, wildflowers and native grasses are expanded.

According to The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis, Timberlake said Tuesday he originally planned to make the improvements over three years and stay open. But he said he didn't want the public to have to wait through three years of gradual improvements.
Interesting story. I've not played his course (though some of you have) so I don't know how in need of improvements it was but I have to wonder why it even opened if it needed work so bad. I do appreciate him wanting to avoid 3 years of ongoing construction though.

My guess- Timberlake is trying to build a world class course- good enough to eventually host a Tour quality event and what was launched earlier this year wouldn't get that done soon enough. I'm assuming the general public though the course was great, but what if a Tour official/engineer of some sort told him it wasn't going to work for the Tour and he decided to sink the money now to make that happen. Again- this whole last paragraph is just a guess.

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Oak says:
Perhaps he sees a possible window of opportunity with the tour due to possible sponsorship issues as it relates to Tiger.

If he's looking to make a move and drainage was an issue, better take care of it now. I don't think anyone, particularly possible sponsors, would want another cancellation like what happened in Mississippi at the Viking Classic a short time ago.
Banker85 says:
i think JT is one of the coolest dudes on the planet.
munk24 says:
Im live in Tennessee and everything Ive heard is its awesome, but we shall see, was planning on playing in the spring, guess that will have to wait
mmontanaro says:
JT came into golf from left field somewhere- never would have thought a pop singer would have been this into the game. Good for him. He gets a thumbs up from me. Kinda like his Sony commercials too... love the googly cartoon eyes... He's got personality.
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