Tiger And Elin To Divorce
By Kickntrue on 12/17/09
Tiger will soon be just like 50% of the people reading this post. His story may be more scandalous because he's famous but it's probably not that much different. Married couples have to work on keeping their marriage strong and when they don't, it fails.

I think this was inevitable once the crap started hitting the fan. Elin really couldn't stay with him, at least not long term. So, Tiger will move on and be one of the hottest bachelors ever- a title I'm guessing he will not give up again lightly. Elin will become a multi upon multi millionaire and go live a hermits life in Sweden. Tiger will be able to come back and play golf now- without having to take a major break from the game, so the fans win, and Tiger's winning will get life "back to normal" soon enough. Which leaves only one question, the kids.

Charlie and Sam are too young to know everything going on now- but they will not make it through their impressionable years so lucky. They will find out things about Daddy they never wanted to know. Sure- they will be rich, but money doesn't buy family stability. They will take what they know of their parents into their marriages and sorrowfully the numbers prove they will probably have the same fate, which they will then pass on to their kids.

Ugly, ugly situation- but like I said up top, not all that uncommon, just in the public's eye. I think most would assess this particular situation and everything that has come out in the past few weeks and know this is probably for the best longterm.

I certainly wish everyone in Tiger's family, including Tiger the best.


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blake_p says:
I could see them overcoming this had his infedility not been so extensive. It seems to have become a systematic thing for him. It is going to be the hardest on the kids. What a mess. :(
Banker85 says:
I feel for the kids but probably the best thing for Tiger and Elin to just move on. I know what its like to be Elin and trust me you will never forget, and you can act like you forgive but just the thought of some douchebag or skank in her situation plowing/riding your wife/husband will always be in the back of your mind and stories like this just bring bad memories.
oobscott2 says:
well i think tiger is probably glad he can play golf again
i cant wait to watch him play again. Of course, when i first see him, i might be wondering more what he will be doing AFTER the round haha
mustang6560 says:
Agreed Banker85. The thought of your husband/wife's infidelities would cause sooo much mental anxiety. I don't think she'll fully move on until she remarries. I think Tiger will go on a binge until he gets lonely again. He'll marry one of these "waitresses", cheat on her, get divorced and history will remember Tiger as the best golfer ever and one of the biggest professional athlete womanizers.
colinw says:
Well done Eldrick. Your kids just went from lottery winners to sad statistics wondering why mommy and daddy can't be together when they come home from school. Other wordly talent does not make up for trashing the greatest responsibility you'll ever have. Please give Mr. Nicklaus his crown back, the game needs it.
vidpro says:
People who don't deserve kids and yet go ahead and have them always seem to forget that the kids are people too.

"I'll just get her a few kids...keep her busy so I can stay on the prowl..." or worse yet... "let's have a few kids so we can have something in common".

I am not trying to sound pious... but things that are only important to me were put on back burner or completely disregarded once I had kids. In other words, I had my fun, now it is my duty to make sure they have their fun as kids.
mmontanaro says:
My wife comes from divorced parents and she has the opposite spin on it... for her at least, her parent's breakup was a good thing. Better than living under a roof with two people who really didn't want to be together. I've heard this from other people also. So don't feel too bad for Charlie and Sam, they'll be just fine. As they grow up, it's all they will know, so that will be the norm.

As far as Tiger, now that it's a done decision, hopefully he'll be back soon and we can move on. Personally, I'm tired of the media attention.
onedollarwed says:
Yeah, no kidding. It just depends what kind of people the family now associates with. The biggest problem for the kids is all the money. The most miserable people I've ever met are kids from wealthy families. Why? The solution to every problem is a shopping trip - whether for distractions, shrinks, special schools, special drugs, or special friends. Divorce and parental break-up is not such a big deal because people form "families" no matter what.
Giving love, attention, and nuturing is work, and most peopl with money are busy making it, or busy faking it.
banatmfees says:
20 bucks says tiger and jeter will be hanging out as bros in 6 mos.
jeremyheslop says:
Not that I don't think they aren't getting a divorce, but the article didn't mention that it was official. Maybe there is still hope for the kids. I hope so. Either way though I'm sure they will see their daddy. I mean it's not like he is the average dad who can't be with the kids because of work. In this instance work is only a few weekends a year and the kids can be there to watch.
falcon50driver says:
Post Cereals has announced that the name of their Frosted Flakes mascot, Tony the Tiger, has been changed to "Tony the Big Cat"
StxLax says:
Well as bad as it is. I think he just come back and play, enter as many tournaments as possible and just kill the field and start the next decade off right. Lets see somthing like 15 wins this season. And a single season grand slam. That would get people off this topic.
Banker85 says:
The pornos have already been started: First one in production "Tiger's Wood"
Swingem says:
Sad for TW's family and sad for golf. Hey TW, thanks for bringing golf down to the same level as other pro sports. It won't matter now how many majors TW wins, he'll never be the "greatest" in my book.
ToddRobb says:
The amazing part of this whole thing is how long Tiger was able to keep his secret life a secret. You would have thought that somewhere along the way to waitress number 12, we would have at least heard rumors.
Metzpro says:
Hi Tiger,

You should fight to keep your marriage. God forgives us for our sins. Marriage is a life time of vowels.. Yes we are all the same on this planet. Some have less and some have more. Remember we came the same way and will end up the same way leaving this world. So Tiger and Elin work it out. In the long run your realationship will be better and stronger. Elvis
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