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Man Write Books On Golf Ball Autographs
By Kickntrue on 1/6/10
Are you an autograph seeker? I'm not so much but I can understand the appeal. I feel the "autograph game," if I can call it that, has become an industry with a couple hawking adults ruining the tradition for a lot of fans. Still- as far as hobbies go- collecting personal autographs is as good as most, and one Californian man has written a book about his experience collecting signatures over the years.
Galiardi, 74, has hundreds of stories to match the more than 225 golf balls in his collection. And after years of telling and retelling his tales, the Cupertino resident decided to put his exploits into a book. The recently released "Hooked on Autographs" ($13.95 from tells the story of Galiardi's hobby/obsession and the stories of the people who have penned their names for him.

In the interest of full disclosure, most of Galiardi's collection was obtained using kindness, politeness and some perseverance. But the truly eye-catching stories are what shine in his first (and he says only) book.

As when Galiardi had to defeat large crowds and a Secret Service detail to obtain George Herbert Walker Bush's autograph. Or how it took him five years to get something other than a "Catch you later" from legendary actor Jack Lemmon.

And he hasn't actually injured any toddlers in his signature seeking, although he isn't shy about getting to the front of a crowd in the hopes that his Sharpie will be the one selected from the throngs of fans.
Well, I guess he's profiting off getting the autographs but at least he isn't selling his memorabilia.

What about you guys? Do you have a collection of signatures? I think I have 3. Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo from a concert when I was 18, the autographs of each member of DC Talk (if you know who that is- you know how awesome I am), and former NBA scrub Bay Forrest. Oh- and I have Adam Witter's (minor leaguer for the SF Giants) autograph but he's my best friend so I'm not sure it counts.

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mmontanaro says:
I have Jack Nicklaus' autograph in a book (about Jack)- he wrote it to my son and me. Nice touch on our coffee table. Don't care what it's worth because we'll probably never sell it.
activesense says:
I have 2 signed Vikings shirts, Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen. I wonder what they will be worth if the Vikes get to another Superbowl and don't choke this time??!!??
I am not a hunter or collector of autographs, they were given to me through work.
Nothing else worth anything in my collection.
bducharm says:
I have a few autographs. My most prized are Arnold Palmer - I won a tournament at Latrobe CC (yes, THAT Latrobe CC) and have an autographed hat and picture of the 18th hole. My other prized autograph is David Robinson, who is one of the best athletes and people of all time!!!
bducharm says:
@activesense - I used to like you BUT I am a Cheesehead. I SO badly want the Eagles to beat the Cowboys and the Packers to beat the Cardinals so we can play the Vikings....SWEET REVENGE!!! :-)
Clint24 says:
My dad is good friends with not-well known PGA Golfer Spike McCroy, who won a Nationwide tourny a few years ago. We have his scorecards and a sheet signed by all the players in the tourny.

I like the idea of hunting for autos, but the way I see it is that if its something like a helmet online I'll buy it, but a poster or picture, I want to be there to get it auto'd. Why would I go online and pay $30-50 for a picture signed by a hero of mine and have no story behind it??
falcon50driver says:
bducharm......OUT....OUT...pack your stuff, and get out of TEXAS. I'll be thinking about you this weekend. We're flying a group of people to Dallas Sunday, to watch the Cowboys go three for three over Philidelphia. The folks were nice enough to get the copilot and me tickets. It'll be my first time in the new stadium.
falcon50driver says:
(sp)Philadelphia. Is that right? It still doesn't look right
TeT says:
I have one, a John Daly signed ball from the tour stop in San Antonio a few years back. It kinda came with the golf bag I am currently using. I put it in a jewelry bag and threw it into the duffle bag with the rest of my golf balls. Will probably keep it forever...
jeremyheslop says:
DC Talk is the best rap group evar!!!! :) My wife an I can still sing most of the lyrics to most of their songs. Ahhhh Christian music in the 90s. Anyway I have no autographs that I can think of. Guess I never saw the pull of getting one.
Matt F says:
They used DC Talk in very late night Church ads back home in Australia up until a few years ago.

I have a Bridgestone hat that I was lucky enough last year to get all the Aussie golfers playing at Firestone to sign for me. Took all day and a lot of walking. Also a lot of answering the same question..."What are you doing here?" me "I live here." response "%&#@&* hell, good onya mate."

kidputter says:
You spelled Philadelphia correct, Merlin. You just got the winning team incorrect. Philly wins BIG this week. Romo gets dirty and doesn't feel like playing the second half.
falcon50driver says:
I'll take that bet for $20.00. How many points do you want?
falcon50driver says:
What?.....not all that sure were you?...good thing you didn't put your money where your mouth By the way the new stadium is, to use a phrase that is much overused, AWESOME.
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