Striker Robbie Keane
Did The Hotspurs Play Golf Or Party?!
By Kickntrue on 12/18/09
I love me a good football scandal- and let's be honest, our friends over in the UK don't get enough love on oob. The Tottenham Hotspurs (that's a major English soccer club) had a night off and star striker Robbie Keane arranged a coach approved team trip to Dublin, Ireland, to play some golf.
However, the publication notes that the £2,000 paid by each of the 16 players heading on the break was not to hit the golf courses of Dublin with their golf irons and golf balls, but instead to enjoy a night in bars and clubs.

Meanwhile, there are suggestions that the break may have potentially caused some players to lose focus on the task ahead for Tottenham in the English Premier League, as four days after their return they suffered a 1-0 home defeat against relegation candidates Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Tottenham losing to Woverhampton is like the Saints losing to the Redskins; it just shouldn't happen. In fact- just to be sure- I played a game of FIFA 2010 on my XBOX 360 between these two teams (me being Tottenham of course) and won 7-0. I even benched Keane out of spite! Hah!!

Seriously though, you don't mess with soccer fans. They'll cut your arm off and beat you with it until you promise to score 4 goals! Plus- you are a soccer stars and can party ANYWHERE. Why waste the chance for a day off to golf? You know what I'd do for a day off to golf?!

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mbills1015 says:
EPL golf related news is a great addition to the oob news postings... well done!
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