GolfSmith's Beginner's Clubmaking Class
By Kickntrue on 12/18/09
I was tooling around and found a pretty cool thing they offer in stores. If only I lived close to a store.
For an introduction into clubmaking, attend a clubmaking workshop at your local Golfsmith store for only $15! The Golfsmith program is a one-of-a-kind experience, offering expert instruction in a hands-on working environment.

Complimentary materials include the Golfsmith Clubmaking How-To DVD ($14.99 value). Also included are the components needed to build a steel-shafted sand wedge. It's all yours to keep!

Classes are taught at most stores on Saturday mornings. Class size is limited so please contact your store for dates, times and availability.

Or for more information call 1-800-456-3344.
That just sounds like some good old Saturday morning fun, and for only $15! Sounds like a perfect Christmas present to give every golfer you know.

Does anyone know of any other golf store doing something like this? I know there aren't Golfsmith's all over. If anyone has done this- please post your experience. Is it as cool as it sounds?

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mjaber says:
Looks like they have additional clubmaking courses beyond just the beginner. Not sure it's worth the drive to Connecticut, though.
blake_p says:
I took the beginners class and had a great time! We made a gap wedge instead of a sand wedge though. The components themselves were worth around $25 on top of the $15 dollar DVD. It was well worth the price. I got to do most of the work, with the exception of the shaft cutting because of liability issues. Time passed really quickly and I seemed to be done too quickly, probably because I was having a good time. I like it so much that I took the week-long Complete Clubmakers class last December.
blake_p says:
Luckily, I only live 5 miles away from the headquarters here in Austin so I only had to pay the class fee. It was around $500, but I got to keep the driver and wedge we built. The components for both were around $200 so in my mind the class was less than $100/day. They let me pick the loft and shaft flex that fit me best and I still use it every time I play. The Complete class covered club fitting techniques, all the aspects of building a club including putters, swingweighting, and several aspects of club repair including steel and graphite shaft extraction. It was well worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone interested it in. I can easily tell the difference between my old "off the shelf" clubs and my new set of custom fit clubs. I custom fit my dad recently and he loves the difference. It’s my hobby right now (I just made a new Tom Wishon 7 iron to test), but I would like to turn it into a side business someday. If anyone has any specific questions I would be happy to answer them.
Richatvillage says:
3 friends & I took the course about 5 years ago. Our instructor was great & shared alot of good practical information. The other 3 haven't really done aything with the training, but I really enjoy it & have become the repair guy for about 25 guys I golf with through the year. I have about 20 sets to "tune-up" before the snow melts here in Michigan.Well worth the $15 & a Saturday morning!
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