Water Aint Free Folks
By Kickntrue on 12/21/09
A Missouri golf course owner pleaded guilty to stealing millions of gallons of water from the city of Kansas City. I guess that's one way to keep the greens green.
Last year, utility officials said they removed an unauthorized valve on a water line near the golf course that had been used to eventually divert water to a pond used for irrigation. Millions of gallons in treated city water were lost and unmetered, city officials said.

During the hearing, by pleading guilty, [the owner] Ostronic admitted between July 2003 and August 2008, golf course employees routinely used the illegal valve to fill the irrigation pond. That water was then used to water the golf course.
The amazing thing is that it took the city 5 years to catch them. I know water flows pretty freely but you'd think you may notice millions golf gallons missing from the reservoir.

The amazing thing is that the course still went bankrupt. I guess water isn't the biggest expense, but still- he saved over a million bucks (by not being caught) and still managed to put the course under. Good job dude!

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Shankapotamus says:
This doesn't surprise me. I live in KC and when I bought my house (which had never been lived in) I tried to call to get my water bill placed in my name. They insisted that there was already an account for my address established. I knew nobody else was getting charged so I said okay and hung up. The water was activated but I wasn't billed for nearly two years before they figured it out. Because it was their fault, I only had to pay for a portion of the water used.
falcon50driver says:
Until now
Kickntrue says:
@shankapotamus- i'm surprised they can actually make you pay back on the two years they didn't charge you, especially if you had any documentation that you tried to make things right from the start. i could see a lot of situations where someone didn't have that money- and could never repay. What a racket that would be if it's there fault- then drop collection agencies on you for back money you've spent.
falcon50driver says:
A few years ago my water bill started being almost double the usual amount. After checking for leaks on my side of the meter, and finding none. I went to city hall to inquire about a possible billing error or defective meter. Instead of just telling me that the price of water had just increased. The person was honest and told me the truth. He said "We have a huge amount of people who will not pay their water bill, so we are making it up on those who do pay". I was floored by this explanation, but what do you do? If I just refuse to pay, they'd cut my water off.
JDoughMO says:
Classic KC Water Department. I live in a suburb that purchases KC water. When I bought my house and first started getting my bills, I was shocked to see that I was averaging about $6 per month. As it turns out, the city of KC was not billing/tracking the water they were selling to my suburb. According to city ordinances (at the time) they suburb can only bill based off of how much they pay to bring in the KC water, not how much water is used. I was bacially just paying administrative fees for the first 2 years. They've since corrected the issue.
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