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The Days Are Getting Longer!
By Kickntrue on 12/22/09
Old Man Winter may just be gearing up- but one fact he can't change- days are getting longer again! Every avid golfer knows the drill, especially those trying to golf during the workweek. What is the latest I can leave work, get to the course and still finish 9 or 18 holes before dark? Starting in about mid-September this turns into quite a game of chess. On a lousy day you'll lose an extra 15 minutes to the clouds. On too-nice a day you'll have slower play. Last week we played at 3pm and barely finished. This week we'll need to do 2:45. You've been here with me, right?

Well- that all changes as of yesterday. Some are still lucky enough to be golfing this time of year- and finally we can start counting the other way! Call me optimistic, but it won't be long now, before I'm wondering when I need to leave to get in 36!

Screw you winter and your ever-changing solstice!

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mmontanaro says:
There is definitely a psychological affect when you get past the winter doldrums. More light is better and we're finally on the upswing! Now if this 2 feet of snow would melt...
cvargo says:
Where i am at, we'll be getting snow til March. I still can't play. :-(
Bryan K says:
Golf season didn't start until May for us last summer....but at least when it did start, I could get in 18 holes every night right away. I hate autumn golf....hopeing for an early spring.
JDoughMO says:
There exists no golf "season"....only variable course conditions.
Bryan K says:
lmao....okay...it's -17 with 3' snow drifts where the greens are supposed to be. Last April, all of the local courses were either under five feet of water or had massive dikes (levees) running through them. Ya....that's quite variable :)
KVSmith59 says:
lol. I'm leaving for the course in 10 minutes ! I love California
windowsurfer says:
Hopin to get out 25th, although pesky family stuff could possibly interfere. 37*F with sunshine.
jeremyheslop says:
I played last Thurs. before the East Coast snow storm hit. I started at 2:30 and barely got all 18 in before 5pm. (4:30 the sun is behind the trees) On the 16 it was getting hard to see the ball land. 17 I could barely see the balls trajectory and 18 I could only hope to hear where the ball landed. On 18 I used 5i, 5i (topped), 7i, PW, and a one putt to finish so I wouldn't hit an errant shot. Luckily I hit the fairway each time. I didn't know I hit the green until I walked up there. Will be glad the days are getting longer!
Tanker10a says:
Here in North Carolina, we can put away a good game comfortably by no later than 1715Hours. By 1730 hours would be pushing it just a bit.
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