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Thieves Ground Pilot At Golf Event
By Kickntrue on 12/22/09
I was 50/50 on posting this story because it's barely golf related, but since I know of at least 3 pilots who read oobgolf faithfully, I figured, why not (plus you know, the small fact that it's the middle of the winter and nothing else is going on)?
A pilot has been prevented from flying after his uniform, cap, passports and visas were stolen at the South African Open golf tournament at the weekend, which featured five of the world's top players.

The pilot, who declined to be named, and who says he works for a major South African airline, attended the tournament in Pearl Valley when his car was broken into.

"We paid a R10 parking fee and expected the security guards to have heard the alarm going off," he said.

Eyethu Events, the security provider for the event, disagreed, alleging that the theft was the work of a syndicate.
I love that the security provider's response was that they weren't responsible because it was organized crime.


SECRET SERVICE: Oh Mr. President. I'm sorry about that bullet you just took. Unfortunately, It is not our fault as it was the work of an organized group of terrorists.

PRESIDENT: Fair enough. [Coughs. Chokes. Eyes roll back in head.]

SECRET SERVICE: Alright boys, on to the next in line. What's his name again? George? John? No... Joe! That's it! Where's Joe?!


Sorry about that. I've always dreamed of someday writing a screenplay and the inspiration just hit me.

I know a cop is in some pretty deep crap if he loses his gun. This story makes it sound like a pilot is in trouble if he loses his uniform... or maybe it's because he lost his passport and visas. I know when I lose my Visa I get scared... but then I realize my wife stole it and I get even more scared!

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falcon50driver says:
I've seen that picture before. What's hard to see in this copy, is the light piston twin, in flight, coming toward them, about 20 feet from their windshield.
falcon50driver says:
Wow, some really bad news just now. My friend Hal Mangels was killed in an airplane crash in the Bahamas a couple of days ago. We flew together in a Merlin for a law firm 25 years ago (Merlin Driver). They misspelled his name in the newspaper article, but I learned about it from another pilot who used to fly for the same firm.
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