There Is NOTHING To Do In Minnesota
By Kickntrue on 12/23/09
Four teens in Duluth, Minnesota, have admitted to hitting golf balls at a school causing at least $10k in damages.
Police say they have identified the foursome responsible for whacking golf balls at a Duluth public school that has been closed this year as it goes through conversion into a high school.

The three men and one girl, all from Duluth, have admitted their involvement in last week's incident outside what used to be Ordean Middle School, police said Tuesday.
The article goes on to talk about 8 windows being broken.

Two things. 1) How does breaking 8 windows cause $10k in damages?! I've clearly never bought windows or something, because that number seems a little high to me, but what do I know? And, 2) These kids must need lessons or something. Why go through all the trouble of vandalizing and getting arrested if you're only going to connect with 8 lousy windows?! They clearly either suck at golf or went at a very bad time of day and got caught before getting enough shots off. I'd think peppering a school with golf balls would be a night activity. It's not like you need to see your ball, the payoff is hearing it hit the school.

Stupid kids. Should've talked to me first and they'd still be hitting schools with golf balls. ... I hope they were crappy balls. I'd hate to think they stole their daddy's ProV1s for the activity.

So many unanswered questions... This is why journalism is dying. Could I be anymore all over the place today? Is it Christmas yet?

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Bryan K says:'ve never tried to hit a golf ball out of the snow before, have you?

falcon50driver says:
Here again is another reason golf clubs should be outlawed. Only professionals should be allowed to have them. There should be a three day waiting period and a background check for a non professional to buy one. Just think of all the windows that could be saved.
Kickntrue says:
@m2d- AH-HA! I see what you're doing here. You're comparing this to the process of getting a fishing license.
lcgolfer64 says:
@Kickntrue Really it's okay, go ahead and take the rest of the day off... :)

I live in MN and yeah there really isn't a lot to do here this time of year. Especially for the foursome, sadly most (okay, all) of the courses are closed now. Do you think they'll be asking for glo-balls for Christmas?...
mmontanaro says:
Typical rotten kids.
Banker85 says:
I LOVE THEY STUCK TO THE GOLF "FOURSOME" way to go kids! i would have down the same thing! i used to be called the destroyer because i would destroy things out of boredom. i also used to be called the hamburgler for getting caught stealing hamburgers at high school lunch by stuffing my pockets. LOL good times
activesense says:
I agree there is nothing to do in Minnesota during the winter months (unless you ski or own a snowmobile, or like to freeze you @$$ of sitting around a hole cut in the ice, dangling a frozen worm into the freezing water).
I have been to Duluth, on the shore of Lake Superior and have seen the asking price for some of those shanty town shacks on the lake shore so 10k in damages for 8 windows seems like a great deal, considering a cardboard box for 2 would cost you a quarter million bucks.
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