Avatar Features Unique Golf Brand
By Kickntrue on 12/23/09
James Cameron's epic "Avatar" features a brief golf club cameo from Louisville Golf, a pretty cool little putter company.
"It must have been four or five years ago that we sent the putter to James Cameron's team. I had no idea what they needed the clubs for, but they said they were working on Avatar, so it sounded cool. I hadn't thought about it until recently," said Josh Fischer, marketing director for Louisville Golf. "When the movie opened on December 18 Andy Just (Louisville Golf founder Elmore Just's oldest son) called me and excitedly told me that our putter was in the movie. When I finally saw the movie over opening weekend, I was thrilled to see the putter get some solid screen time.

"The actor wielding the putter, unfortunately, is one of the villains, but we aren't complaining. In the movie he says twice: 'I love this putter!' as he is putting on a practice mat. And the movie is in brilliant 3D, so to see our wood mallet putter in 3D, on one of the most anticipated movies ever, was extremely exciting."
Louisville Golf makes old school wooden clubs from Drivers to putters. All of the clubs look sweet but for the money I think the putters are the best product to own and possibly use on the course.

What a pretty sweet stroke of luck for the company!

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Clint24 says:
One of my co-employees has one of their putters. Its really nice, and he cant putt to save his life. He says he wont buy a new one because he like that one so much. Merry CHRISTmas to all and WAR EAGLE (I've been on here long enough to know your a Penn St. fan, so you guys better kill Alabama next year.)
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