Christmas Loot Check In!
By Kickntrue on 12/26/09
What did you get?

I know it isn't the reason for the holiday, but really, what do you have going on that's better than discussing the merits of receiving a 10 degree bounce lob wedge over underwear and socks?

If you prefer- tell us what you gave. I know some of you think that part is more fun (ed. note to those people- I'll send you my address).

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Kickntrue says:
No golf stuff for me yet, but I'm only 1/2 way through my gifts (gotta love the 2 family Christmas). Did get a gift certificate to get a lawnmower though. Pretty clutch- wasn't looking forward to buying that.
Werepuppie says:
Got my Golf Buddy Pro GPS.Can't wait to try it out next year.Which fortunately is only a week away.
Banker85 says:
i got skycaddie sg4! hopefully should be <10 handicap after next season!
TravisMiller says:
2 dozen Wilson Hyper Titanium Distance Golf balls, Electronic Return putting green (like the one you see in movies), $90 in gift cards to sports authority. Plus other non-golf related stuff.
munk24 says:
Got my Footjoy Classic Tours with the Banana Croc Saddle, Sweet!!
jeremyheslop says:
This year was my golf Christmas. My hole list was mostly golf stuff ( The best present was my wife got me 3 eidolon wedges! I thought she was only going to get me one. I got a bunch of balls, Phil's DVD, and more. And I still have one more Christmas to go :)
DougE says:
My wonderful wife got me a Garamond G5 Approach GPS (to replace my old SkyCaddie 2.5. Can't wait to use it. I got her a bunch of nice golf clothes and a new ladies Adams A4OS Hyprid 4. There's a foot of snow on the ground, but we're headed to the outdoor heated range tomorrow to hit a bucket or two anyway. A few months before I can get much use from the Garamond G5.
TeT says:
FootJoy Contours and Wilson Staff balls... goods enough....
Shankapotamus says:
Clubglove travel bag and a Titleist TB0XS6 stand bag, sunglasses, gloves, a hat, Nike Profit Thermal Sleeves, and PGA Tour Science of Golf DVDs. In addition, I got some giftcards that will likely be spent on golf.
falcon50driver says:
Santa was really good to me. I got a Garmin 696. It has XM Satellite Weather, and Instrument Approach Charts for the entire U.S.
banatmfees says:
my wife got me that new movie, tiger's wood....oh, that's not out yet?
kidputter says:
Top-Flite push cart, Brush-Tees, Battery-powered ball cleaner, Groove cleaner, Iphone with Airvue Golf GPS, Tiger Woods 2010 w/ Motion+, a Lake Iron (ball retriever), and a small metal golfer statue. My family did GREAT!!!
activesense says:
Well it came 10 days early and I had to pay for half of it myself, but Santa bought me and my family a new house, AND it's walking distance from the driving range.

Thanks Santa.
GolfSmith7 says:
Cleveland Hibore XL Tour driver
edditude says:
Got my Membership to Kalamazoo Municiple Golf Courses, Pair of Footjoy shoes 4 dozen diablo golf balls, and 3 dozen Warbird+ balls...
bknapp45 says:
3 dozen ProV1x, golf gloves, golf umbrella, 72 practice balls and 4 rounds of golf at some of my favorite courses!!
oobscott2 says:
red J Lindberg pants (like the ones Camillo Villegas has), new sweater vest, dozen prov1's
Pappybro says:
Early Christmas leave, Nike golf balls and a round of golf.
mjaber says:
Couple gift cards, and a bag of balls.
mschad says:
Top Flight Speed-Stick (thank you oobgolf),
Bridgestone Balls,
and our 2010 golf pass to our local muni for my wife and myself.
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
I got a coupon for some sweet love from David Hertz.
RTJ Champion says:
I too received a coupon for sweet Hertz love...David Hertz from Portage Michigan??
Mr VanityHandicap says:
Wait..... David Israel Hertz? Weird I just got the same coupon in te mail today..... What a weirdo!
Virtuaframax says:
My gifts to myself:
Cleveland Hi-Bore XL tour
56 and 60 Titleist vokey spin milled
winter gloves (freaking chicago weather)
regular gloves
mjaber says:
I forgot... I got a rain suit. Now I don't have to come home soaking wet after getting caught in a mid-round downpour. :)
PingRhoda says:
Ok here we go lol. Medicus Dual Hinge Driver (460cc) with the Stack and tilt DVD set and Putt Like a pro trainer thing. Nike Victory Red Lob Wedge 58*. Taylormade TP Red balls, Titleist Glove. Brush Tees (Thanks santa). My wife decided this year she wanted to learn how to play golf so we got her a set of the Lady Shark Vortex clubs inluding a 460cc drive, 3,5 and 7 wood. a 4/5 hybrid, 6,7,8 and 9 iron, a wedge and putter. Then my little year and a half old daughter got couple plastic sets for our house and the grandparents house and she will not put them down.
FiddySnead says:
I got a Nike Dymo Str8-fit 9.5* Driver, Titleist Bob Vokey 60* Spin Milled Wedge, Odyssey White Hot Tour Putter and a dozen ProV1's what a great Christmas!!!
lcgolfer64 says:
Golf shirts, wind pullover, proV's, new golf glove, a Taylor Made hat and sunglasses. Got myself the season pass at a local course (big discount if I bought it before the new year, so I just 'had' to)
kingwood hacker says:
got a set of club glove iron covers, a watch you hang on your golf bag, a big bag of tees, and a new taylor made divot tool.
JerseyMike says:
Santa was good to me. I received a Scotty Cameron Red X putter, SkyCaddie SG5 and a Mizuno Scratch Sack (sunday bag).
windowsurfer says:
Scratch sack? Mr. Hertz, have you no shame?
Mjw71772 says:
Well my wife asked me 3 days before Christmas what I wanted (yeah I was running late getting Santa my list), So after realizing I spent better than 3 grand on greens fees in 2009 yes OVER $3,000.00, I told her to pay my initiation dues to Bear Trail at Southwest Plantation, I love that course and now I can go play anytime I want. The only bad part is I cant walk until after 1pm. But hey take the good with the bad. I think for my b-day I am asking for a house on the course, wonder how that will turn out lol.
brad6432 says:
My golf loot turned out to be thin this year. I received a single logo golf ball with last years Super Bowl logo on it. I am a AZ Cardinal Fan, but does this mean I need a golf ball trophy case now?
Zekezell says:
I had a very nice Christmas. Santa brought me a Bushnell Range Finder, a shoe bag, a towel and a club brush. I got a couple of new wind shirts, a rack to hold my golf clubs and misc. materials, and Iron covers.
cvargo says:
i got a new TM golf bag, a new TM rossa putter, tm 3 wood burner and 3 hybrid. good golf stuff
Lee Kuehner says:
I got a Pair of socks and some Bloomer Puddin and both were too big.
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