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Hey! They still have a chance!
Obama Quit His Round For What?
By Kickntrue on 12/29/09
President Barack Obama quit his round of golf yesterday without finishing because of an injury back at the vacation house. Sounds fair right? Nope- it for an injury to a child of someone who was also vacationing with the Obamas and the child didn't even require stitches for his injury. How serious could it have been?
Obama, on vacation in the island state where he grew up, raced home in his motorcade in a bit of high drama shortly after arriving at a lush golf course for an afternoon game.

The child, identified by the White House as the son of Obama's friends Eric and Cheryl Whitaker, is now well and did not require stitches as first suggested, an official said.

"Eric and Cheryl Whitaker's son was examined and released from the hospital. He is home playing with his friends and just fine," said White House spokesman Bill Burton.
This is the President of the U S of A, trying to relax on the golf course. He has hundreds of people at his discretion and I'd assume his family and anyone with them is well taken care of as well. How did someone mistake a bump for a crises?

Hope he wasn't shooting a course record. By the way- has anyone noticed Mr. Basketball Obama hasn't been seen playing ball since becoming President, but seems to take frequent rounds of golf? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this- but I do wonder what gives. Was the basketball thing some kind of orchestrated campaign gimmick to have him relate better to a certain demographic? ... Just saying it seems weird.

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TeT says:
Golf is presidential ... but obviously the pres is not a real golfer. Not even his child... There needs to be bone showing for golf to be halted!!!
windowsurfer says:
I know this all has absolutely nothing to do with you-know-who but I just want to point out that the presence of the phrase, "bone showing" on a golf blog will definitely trigger some activity on the new Automated Tiger Sexual Innuendo Joke Generator app now available online at Google.com, and may even precede a rim shot on Leno tonight.
Backquak says:
Did you hear about EA sports next Tiger game, its the same as Tiger 10, but you get to throw clubs, and shag the chart girl, kind of a Grand Theft Auto meets Golf.
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
Speaking of Tiger Woods check on this online game www.atom.com/fun_games/tiger_woods_defense/

You are Tiger and you play nine "Ho's" and you need to hit the sluts with the ball before they can reach the news van. You can thank my buddy David Hertz for this entertaining game.
kidputter says:
I just scored a 30 on that game. Lots of fun.
Duke of Hazards says:
Scored a 20, all ho's silenced.
Mattbdxl says:
sounds like Hidden Valley Golf Club to me!
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