Must Have gift of 2010!
Christmas Doesn't Have To Be Over
By Kickntrue on 12/28/09
I thought Christmas was over, then I saw the Air Force Golf Ball Launcher and realized Xmas isn't over until I spend my last gift check!
The Golf Ball Launcher is a device that gives someone who is unable to swing a golf cub a chance to enjoy the game of golf. We are not trying to change the game of golf, we are just trying to give everyone an alternative way to play the game. The idea came in late November of 2004 when my dad had a stroke, leaving him without the use of both his right arm and leg. A few months later, it hit me, that people like my father who are unable to swing a golf club can now still enjoy the greatest game ever played. Now people have the capabilities to go out with their friends to enjoy a round of golf without slowing down the pace of the game.
That's a nice story and all- but let me break it down for you- it's a big airgun that shoots golf balls!! That's awesome! All you need to know.

It is intended for golf course use- but I'd never bother with it on the course. I just want to shoot stuff in the woods. You tell me which is more fun, shooting a squirrel with a little 22 or shooting him with a golf ball?! (Okay... I'll allow "tie" as an answer.)

Crap- I had more to say but someone from PETA is at my door.

Air Force Golf

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Backquak says:
forget paintball, let have a golf ball fight.
mjaber says:
@Backquak... I hope you're planning to use the limited flight practice balls
brad6432 says:
So does the wedge have a 3" barrel? Looks like the kids shooting the driver.
activesense says:
i guess for putting you just hold the barrel and hit the ball with the stock.
falcon50driver says:
Would a person be considered to be as a redneck if he made a gun with a section of PVC pipe that looked like that but used hair spray as a propellant, with a spark plug fired by a stun gun to set it off, and a potato jammed down the barrel for a projectile? I'm just saying....
golfray says:
The people knocking on your door are from the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,&Firearms
Matt F says:
@m2d maybe. Care to share?

KVSmith59 says:
on those short chip shots I can see the ball 6 inches....
Mjw71772 says:
All I have to say is the guy who thought this up, obviously has a family tree that doesnt have many branches on it, or many teeth at a family reunion. I am just saying.
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