RTJ Trail anyone?
Best Golf Destinations
By Kickntrue on 12/28/09
Everyone wants to play Pebble Beach or Bethpage Black, but where do you go when you want to play 5 rounds of golf? Myrtle Beach? Orlando? Robert Trent Jones Trail?

I'll stop here- and let you guys tell me. I'm certainly no expert.

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Jattruia says:
The Orlando area is great around the Feb/March season. Especially is you use EZLinks. You can grab a round at the Orland Ritz Carleton for around $80 plus caddy fee if you want to play an expensive course, or a round for $50 or less someplace like Harmony.
Clint24 says:
The Robert Trent Jones Trail is amazing. I live about 15 minutes from Hampton Cove but have never played it. I have played Grand National in Auburn/Opelika and it was one of the most beautiful courses I've ever seen. Over the summer we went down to Florida and got to play TPC Sawgrass. If anyone has $250 laying around, I 10000% recomend these courses. WAR EAGLE
bducharm says:
I definitely want to do a trip to the RTJ Trail - sounds like a blast. Also, I have heard that Bandon Dunes is OUTSTANDING!!!
TravisMiller says:
My Fave course that I would like to play would be The Plantation Course at Kapalua in Hawaii.
phraynck says:
Northern Michigan is a great place to play multiple rounds/courses. You can do anything from high end to cheap courses/accomadations. In the summer the weather is perfect.
Bandon Dunes? Plantation course? Do you guys know how to read?
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
The last few months of my life (while I'm at work of course) have been spent discussing and planning what we are calling "The Annual Bromosexual Mancation Championship." This 6 day event is taking place on the Robert Trent Jones Trail and our foursome could not be any more excited. We created a blog which in the last few days has become quite entertaining...feel free to visit it at this web address ourgolftrip.wordpress.com/

If anyone has any advice or comments about the trail we'd love to hear them. We're playing at the following sites: Cambrian Ridge, Capitol Hill, Oxmoor Valley and Ross Bridge.
RTJ Champion says:
Bromosexual Golf Mancation 2010 baby...Also...I will dominate all these losers...

PS...David Israel Hertz is planning on attending...Right now he looks like a chubby Jesus, or Allan from The Hangover...ROCK IT OUT SON...
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
You can see the man, the myth, the legend -- David Hertz at this link: www.oobgolf.com/golfers/images.php?id=85823 He is in the middle and he is fixing a computer in the picture. See the post: "Do you drink when you drive?" for more details of who this amazing man is.
falcon50driver says:
Thanks for blinding me. Now I'll never be able to golf again.
Mr VanityHandicap says:
Yea, with awards like most birdies and lowest net we had to create award for David Hertz such as most beers consumed in a round and most balls lost! Shave fat Jesus shave!
mjaber says:
Montego Bay, Jamaica
JerseyMike says:
Saint Andrews, Scotland. It's got seven public courses plus the Kings Barns course - all within the city. If you don't want to jump the pond, then I agree with others that Orlando (try the Disney Palm and Magnolia courses) or Myrtle Beach (try the Barefoot Landing courses) are both good destinations. Also, the Atlantic City NJ area (in warmer weather) now has at least 10 courses that are fairly nice (try Blue Heron Pines, Twisted Dune, Harbor Pines, Seaview Mariott).
TimmyBede says:
I've been on 2 Mancations golf trips, both were excelent. Not far from the NYC Metro area is Ocean City, Maryland. Plenty of great course to here and plenty of hotels that will help you get tee times. Green fees vary ($120-$35) but you can find deal if you look around a bit. Columbia, SC is excelent as well. Its a longer trip for me but this area has great course by designers you all know and the prices are really low, much lower the course closer SC Shores. It's easy to fine greens fees in the $35-$45 range.
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
Hooray for Bromosexual Mancations! Love live David Hertz!
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
Check out this game that David Hertz created, at the following link:


You are Tiger and you have to knock out the hoes before they get to the news van.
Mjw71772 says:
I am going to have to say a great vacation spot for golf is one of the worlds best kept secrets, Mangilao Golf Course, Mangilao, Guam. Beautiful views, great design, and afterwards you can head to Tumon for some great nightlife or travel to a local village for true "island style" living. If you get to know the locals, they will make sure you never have a bad time. and besides, the only thing that ever happens in a hurry on the island is a BBQ. Awesome vacation spot.
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