Frisbee (Disc) Golf Is...
By Kickntrue on 12/29/09
What do you think of Frisbee Golf? Disc golf is becoming more and more popular, but does it have any business even being associated with the traditional game?

(For once) I have no ulterior motives or snarky comments to make on the subject- I'm just curious how "traditional ball" golfers view the game.


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Oh- unrelated note but to the title of this story. Has anyone else been having fun playing the Google Search "_____ is" game? Simply go to Google and type a name of a person or an activity and the word "is"- and let the magic of Google's search algorithm take hold. Google uses the most common phrases, questions, comments and content on the net to try to predict the information you're looking for. It's HILARIOUS and scary at the same time. To see what people all over the world truly think about something. My suggestions to learn the "game" are to start with famous people- Tiger Woods or Tom Brady are pretty crazy.

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falcon50driver says:
The city built a Frisbee Golf course in one of our parks. It's now a weed farm.
Kickntrue says:
@m2d- a farm of weeds or a "weed farm"?
TWUES17 says:
In my experience, frolf goes best with velvet.
Clint24 says:
Kickntrue- the Google game is a lot more fun if you do it on Mystery Google. Its the same as you type in something, but then it sends you to a completely random site. You can type your number in and say to do something like sing a song to you, and about 20 min later someone will call you singing. Its really funny.
falcon50driver says:
Dang !That never occured to me, maybe I should have looked a little closer.
TeT says:
Here in Houston there are a couple, and they are always in use when I happen to drive by them. Looks like fun if I were to ever have some free time... Oh wait, free time if for golf. Maybe someone else then...
activesense says:
We have a disc-golf course near my old house here in MN, and I could see 2 of the "holes" from my balcony. It was interesting to see the cross section of players indulging in this pastime, however it seemed to be dominated by 15-25 males playing in foursomes,and occasionaly a young female or two, tagging along as comic relief with their girly throws. No sexism intended, but from what I have observed the female of the species has no concept of throwing a frisbee, let alone with any intention of hitting a chain net. I have also witnessed some males wondering why their disc flew in the opposite direction to which they intended.
For me, the game of disc-golf seems kind of dull and I would much rather play frisbee-football, but each to their own. I can see the appeal of the game, considering the costs of playing are practically zero when compared to real golf.
munk24 says:
My son who was an excellent golfer when he was a young teen, has taken up the game with a passion, the similarities in strategy are amazing when I talk to him, if my shoulder wasnt so screwed up, I probably would give it a try. The best part, they can play at night, and no green fees
Mjw71772 says:
Here is my problem with FROLF or disc golf whichever you prefer, when the object you are trying to get closer to the hole gets further from the hole due to a strong wind, that makes for a bad day. In "real" golf, I have to hit a tree or other stationary object to make my ball end up further away from the tartget than my original starting point. I have yet to play a round where the wind is strong enough to keep that little white pill from moving forward. Besides, I am not a pot smoking hippy, I will spend my money on green fees and not on "greens" haha.
mjaber says:
I don't have a problem with it. I'm surprised it's not a more "family-friendly" game. As a kid, we would spend hours playing catch with a frisbee, frisbee football, ultimate frisbee...
turk944 says:
I used to play it back in High school, we had disc golf courses in two parks near where I grew up. It was fun and inexpensive, even with the added "greens" fees :). I still have my discs around here somewhere, I should see if there are any still around. I'd give it a try again.
Bryan K says:
I played a lot of frolf back in the day, and my issue is that it isn't challenging like real golf is. In fact, I scoff at the notion of it even being compared to real golf. A buddy I know shot a hole in one in his first ever try....a par 4. I played perhaps 50 rounds in my life, and I shot under par twice.
Banker85 says:
i live right across the street from one it is a bunch of stoner hippies who usually play. I have seen some holes they are crazy trees all in the way wrapping around. I use the open ones to hit wedge shots to. They go bu feet so i can hit some nice wedges and get consistent yardage.
wrhall02 says:
Let me put it this way; I wouldn't wake up at 5:30am every Saturday to play FROLF. I wouldn't play FROLF on a chilly wet morning. I wouldn't track my stats...etc etc.

It is a fun game (played a few times), but it's not an addiction. It reminds me of playing "Horse Shoes."
knthornt says:
if you like the google game, take a look at
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