Driver has a new home (and name).
Stray Golf Course Dog Finds Home
By Kickntrue on 12/29/09
I'm not sure how it took an Oregon golf course 3 years to realize the dog that roamed their course didn't have a home, but now it does.
A dog who lived as a stray around the 10th hole of Bend Golf and Country Club for more than three years now has a loving home, thanks to some effort and love from his friends.

Befriended by many golfers, Driver, as he came to be called, was known as the black dog that lived on the 10th-hole tee.

"He would walk with me on the golf course as I played golf," said Jay Bennett. "He became just a real good friend."

And all that time, no one apparently knew he didn't have a home to return to, until last winter.
That would be pretty cool to have a course mascot all of the locals know as they play. None of the courses I play regularly have anything similar- unless you count groundhogs- which are usually more target practice than lovable golf course critters.

I realize this post isn't good enough to shed a tear for, but click through to the story and watch the video- maybe that will do the trick. Either way- a very cool story. I just hope the owners get Driver back on the course occasionally. He had 3 years to find a new place to hang out- and clearly the course is where he wanted to be.

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RocketSauce says:
i love it when stray animals find good homes. thank you to whomever took him in
falcon50driver says:
While playing Wildhorse golf culb in Las Vegas, We came to a tee box where a Black Lab was sitting in his back yard looking intently at a tennis ball several yards away outside his fence. I thought, Oh, poor dog lost his ball. So I picked it up and threw it across the fence into the pool. He dove in and retrieved it and dropped it outside the fence and it rolled back down the hill to where I was. I tossed it back in the pool, and moved on. I looked back a few minutes later and the next foursome was throwing the ball back into the pool. The dog had created a game that every golfer that came by would play with him.
mschad says:
@merlin2driver: And they say humans are the smartest animals on the planet? Great story!
Banker85 says:
he must have been a golfer in a previous life.
tennesseeboy says:
@merlin2driver - Thanks for sharing that story. You've gotta love Labs.
Tim Horan says:
@tennesseeboy - No you don't...see my post on "On the Shelf" Having said that I still have dogs, Not black and not heavy.
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