Happy Birthday Tiger Woods!
By Kickntrue on 12/30/09
Celebratory opportunities are few and far between for Tiger these days but his 34th birthday should be appreciated. What Tiger has accomplished by this age is absolutely ridiculous. In most pro sports the age of 34 is the key year in an obviously decline in abilities. In golf though- it actually more signifies the beginning of the "peak" years in a career. Hopefully all this mess will be behind Tiger and we'll get to see him chase his last three career goals that will clearly set him apart as the greatest golfer ever: career wins, career majors and a Grand Slam.

All three are still in play and I'd be shocked if he still doesn't end up with at least the first two of these goals. If there was ever a year for a Grand Slam it would be this year- but now, who knows.

I've linked an satirical story. I don't think it's amazing funny, but the "fact" it's based on is interesting. Estimates are that the last two months could have causes up to a $12B loss for Tiger's sponsors. Seems a bit high to be- but what do I know?

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mmontanaro says:
I am one who was not disappointed by Tiger's infidelity because... I just don't care. So happy b'day Tiger, many more, and kick some butt this year. Hurry back.
BetterThanJohnWilson says:
Celebrate Tiger's Birthday by knocking down some hoes in his new game at the following link...then take a trip to the RTJ Blog for some madness.


If you are under 18 don't visit the 'ourgolftrip' link.
Banker85 says:
happy bday Eldrick! i agree he will do the first two and the grand slam would just solidify the "greatest golfer ever" thingy.
Tanker10a says:
Happy Birthday TW. Everything is going to be fine! You'll see!
Capricornians always bounce back.
chrisfb1 says:
Happy birthday TW, TW will always be the greatest golfer. if few guys in the GOV did it and still managing their own states and cities. TW can manage to get back to the golf course. no one is perfect, and people just had to live with it.
cheymike says:
Happy Birthday Tiger. Get your life back together and come back stronger than ever!
mauricio_hernandez says:
Happy bday Tiger......you'll bounce back from this......
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