On The Shelf
By Kickntrue on 1/4/10
It's not like I could play any golf this weekend (10 degrees) but an injury has put me on the shelf for awhile. Suck!

I was walking along an icy bridge and saw a 3 year old hanging from the ledge over a 50 foot drop into icy water. I rushed as fast as I could- and as the child let go- I swung over the edge of the bride, grabbed the child's hand and all in one motion threw the kid back up to safety. I was able to catch myself on a bridge tress and climb hand over hand through a blinding snowstorm back to the bridge where the child's supermodel mother was waiting to thank me. In the process of all of this- I happened to sprain my back. Now I can't play golf.*

I don't know how long I'll be out but I'm on a steady dose of painkillers, muscle relaxers and some other drug that starts with an "O." Fortunately, with the weather I may not ever miss any real time on the links, but I hate that my options are limited. If I want to play in 30 degree weather, I should have the ability to do so.

Anyway- enough about me. I want to hear about your nicks and bruises. What has kept you away from golf and what did you do to get back sooner?

* Parts of the story were fictionalized to protect the innocent and increase the manliness of the way I was injured.

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jeremyheslop says:
LOL nice story :) I haven't had any injuries that have kept me through golf. Yet.

This past summer when I was really getting started with playing (ie driving range everyday) my back felt like I had pulled a muscle and it hurt every time I swung. Fortunately after a few days break it was better and I could play through it.

I would recommend going to a "special" doctor than can get you back in playing order. I think Tiger might have a number or two.
bducharm says:
A few years ago I had a cast on my arm from a broken elbow. I had my father-in-law cut it off so I could play golf!!! It was sore but I did it!!!
Bryan K says:
Hmm....talk about an "unmanly" injury...I think I pulled a back muscle playing Tiger Woods 10 on the wii over the weekend.

To add insult to injury, the mercury dipped below -30 on Saturday, so there was no chance on getting out on the course. However, I did hit the indoor range on Sunday even though their furnace was broken. Yes, I was hitting on the driving range with an ambient temperature of ten degrees above zero. I was hitting the ball extremely well, too...and I didn't even bring any cold gear. It was me, a tee shirt, a golf polo, a pair of pants, my cold weather gloves that I keep in my bag, and the elements. Yes, I could see my breath.
jimithen says:
Right before my best friend came to visit me in Arizona, I had to have bone debris in my elbow scoped out. I was in a brace for about 3 weeks. I missed a great opportunity to play golf with him in his only visit out here to see me. Against doctors orders a still trid a swing or two. Painful and I don't recommend it.
Banker85 says:
This summer i was at an outing. My fiance was bugging me to come home early and not drink at all blah blah blah. So i got wasted before we got to dinner and got in a fight with her on the phone punched a stop sign and my hand was swollen for about 3 weeks and still feels a little wierd sometimes. On the plus side after this incident my handicap was 16.3 and now its 11.3 so maybe you guys should start punching stip signs to save five strokes! jk i dont reccommend it!
mmontanaro says:
Knees. OTC anti-inflammatory (Advil, Aleve), ice before/after round, compression braces on the course, cart (no walking for 6 months, Dr.'s orders).
Tim Horan says:
16 yrs ago my dog ran into me at full tilt breaking my femur, fibia, tibia and 14 compression fractures across the knee joint. It wasn't all bad news...I was playing to a 14 hcp at the time and had been for quite some time not improving but not getting any worse. After 3 operations, 4 months of leg braces and 6 months of intensive physio, having lost my job, remortgaged the house, life slowly returned to normal. Within 6 months of getting back to golf my game was back on track and my handicap came down to 9. I put this down to not being able to flex my right leg so efficiently. A bit drastic and not to be recommended but protecting injuries often gives you the right mental attitude to perfect your technique in other areas of your swing.
Matt F says:
So in other words, you slipped on some ice while you were walking and didn't want to sound like a dum***?

Kickntrue says:
@mwfaith1971- I wish it was that glorious.
tennesseeboy says:
@Tim Horan - Ouch. So how much damage did the dog incur?
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