Woods Should've Payed More
By Kickntrue on 1/4/10
If someone offered you $200k to keep quiet would you take it? The obvious answer is yes, but I can see how turning down Woods seemed smart. The man is worth a Billion bucks and all he offers to save his image is $200k?! Oh- the story...
For [Ashley Samson's] part in the drama that has cost Tiger Woods endorsements, respect and possibly his marriage in the wake of revelations of numerous extra-marital affairs, Samson says she was paid $25,000 [by the Enquirer]. A girlfriend of Samson's who was not identified by the Enquirer backed up Samson's account in the magazine and received between $10,000 and $15,000 from the tabloid, Samson says, adding that the cost to both women has exceeded any money they've received. In retrospect, she told the Daily News that she should have taken the $200,000 she says the Woods camp offered her to keep quiet.
So- ironically, she made a lot less than if she would have taken Tiger's money, but in the end- he should have offered a heck of a lot more.

I'd LOVE to read a book about the payoffs of the rich and famous. Unfortunately, due to the subject matter, that book would be pretty tough to research. It would have to be SO fascinating!

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Ben Crane says:
We already know the man is cheap when it comes to tipping. Why should this surprise us?
Banker85 says:
F that! she was extorting him! The dumb b!tch got way more than she deserved.
chrisfb1 says:
why sleep with her and offer to pay her 200k later? i dont think any of those woman worth that much money. that money could save many children from a small town in africa, it could also get someone killed easily in some countries. paying those b!tch are not worth it in either way. They were just Tiger's wrong choice of sleeping aids, he could only dump them or hide it in a closet.
Matt F says:
I can't see how they were extorting him. He offered them money to keep quiet, they turned him down. If they requested more money, then it would have been extortion. He was trying to cover his ass as a cheater and got caught. No one to blame but himself.

Banker85 says:
@matt: so you think they didn't think they could get more from him? why else would they turn down 200K? i can guarntee those whores thought they could get more from him or the magazines either way its shady. And no sh*t he has no one to blame but himself.
Matt F says:
If they told him they wanted more, then it's extortion. But until that is proven, it isn't. They probably thought they could get more from the magazines but that isn't classified as extortion...it's greed. Why are they whores? As far as I know, they all had some type of relationship with him and no money changed hands after the act of coitus, so they can't be called whores. Whats the difference between a slut and a whore? A whore will sleep with anyone, a slut will sleep with anyone but you! :-)
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