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Writer at Attempts Eldrick Humor
By Kickntrue on 1/31/07
I found an article by Cameron Morfit at He makes a list of 16 rules that should apply to Tiger to make the PGA Tour events and equal playing field. I personally think it's a bit hit or miss, but some of it is decent. You can get a kick out of it if you'd like.

These are my favorites.

3. On the subject of range balls, Woods won't be hitting them. To loosen up before rounds he'll be limited to a round of virtual, EA Sports golf, plus four jumping jacks.

6. Armed with a Blackberry and a portable TV, Woods will intervene mid-round with short game tips should anyone, say, Andrew Buckle, attempt an ill-advised flop shot or two.

9. Speaking of club choices, Woods will be doing a bit of tinkering, switching brands from Nike to U.S. Kids. He'll be changing putters, too, from Scotty Cameron to Bauer.

13. Sacha Baron Cohen will handle mid-round interviews.

16. Britney Spears will provide parenting tips.

Check out the whole article HERE.

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