Eskimo Golf Event Sounds Fun. Cold.
By Kickntrue on 1/4/10
Okay- I guess I shouldn't complain about not being able to golf.
Despite the cold weather, golfers still gathered at the Cog Hill Golf Club in Lemont, Ill. Sunday for the 47th annual Eskimo Open. Seventy-eight golfers played either 18 or nine holes of golf on two separate courses at the club. As expected, there were generous winter rules, which includes an automatic two-putt when you are within 36-inches of the cup.
Burr. Anyone ever do anything like this?

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bducharm says:
Sorry - too many nice days in Texas to do this!!!
activesense says:
Looks like fun, I must remember to pack my snow wedge. There is the added bonus of water hazards being frozen, so I may score lower than on a normal round.
Banker85 says:
do they play with special balls how does it not get buried in the snow? what are to generous rules? looks like fun!
Virtuaframax says:
since i live in chicago, im thinking about trying some snow golf as soon as the temp gets up to the 20s... right now is in the teens and with the windchill in the single digits...
I'll let you guys know how that goes!
JDoughMO says:
One of the courses I play often has a Winter Tournament Series. It starts in October with the Spooktacular (crazy hard pin placements and other random obstacles) and runs through the St. Pat's scrabmle. The January and February tournaments can get pretty cold. For this years Polar Bear Open January tournament the weather might be brutal. Forecast is 12* with a -5 windchill.
mmontisano says:
growing up in Ohio, the golf season didn't officially end until it snowed enough to where you couldn't see the grass anymore. sometimes even then, you just switch to an orange or yellow ball and press on.

but since i now reside in Texas, anything under 40 degrees and i'm staying home because it'll be too cold!
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