World's Best Golf Destination In Progress
By Kickntrue on 1/4/10
Know this- within 5 to 10 years Hainan, China, will be the number once place on your dream golf destination list.
Viewed from above, this vast swathe of land may not look like much – fuzzy green vegetation, shadowy pockets of volcanic rock, incongruous veins of reddish brown soil – but in a couple of years it will make history. Locals refer to this area by its code name: Project 791. Soon, most people will know it as Mission Hills Hainan, the ­largest collection of golf courses in the world.
So one golf club with many courses- to making it the single biggest club in the world. Top designers including Nicklaus, Faldo and Norman already have signature courses on the property- or at least in the works. The crazy thing is- because it's in China and the secrecy the government and developers are covering the projecting in- construction has been going on for over a year and almost nobody knows about it.

It's a pretty interesting read if you have a couple minutes- and hey, why wouldn't you?! It's a Monday back from a week plus of a vacations. If you're anything like me you're so tired from the vacation you need a day off of work just to recoup.

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mmontanaro says:
Know this... I don't care what they design, Hainan, China wll never be my number one place on my dream golf destination list... Doesn't matter who designs it.
cheymike says:
Why not... lets go play a game the local government is against because it is so decadent, on a course that doesn't exist, in a land far far away. We might wind up in Kansas, Toto!
chrisfb1 says:
golf in Asia will be the No.1 rip off in golf industry. i know it is a gentlemen's game, but there is a fine line where gentlemen need to say "it is not worth it!".
falcon50driver says:
Glad you're back from vacation. I was getting tired of reading the same post every day.
golfgirl says:
I can't wait. BTW, Dan Washburn is an amazing golf journalist... from when there were "real" golf journalists... and he'll be on the front lines of golf's growth in China. Which is awesome.
mmontisano says:
you guys worry too much. golf in Asia is pretty awesome i must say. like in Indonesia, private courses are only only private on the weekends. they are totally open for anyone to play during the week. can you see private courses doing that here?

and i definitely want to visit the Mission Hills resort in Shenzhen.

if you can do the 14+ hour plane ride, it's certainly worth it.
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