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How To Win Fantasy Golf
By Kickntrue on 1/5/10 has posted an article to help aspiring fantasy golfers learn how to master the game. I have a better solution.

Winning at fantasy golf is actually pretty easy.

Step 1- If you're about sign up, don't.
Step 2- Repeat until you're cured of your desire to play.

Let me preface this with this- I am a fantasy sports nut. Four baseball leagues, 2 of which are yearly keeper leagues with intricate trading rules, free agency, franchise players, etc. Same deal for football. My wife kicks me to the couch during fantasy draft weeks and I'm fine with it- that's how hardcore I am.

I just don't want you to think I'm one of those "fantasy sports haters" when I say that I think fantasy golf is the stupidest ever. The whole point of fantasy sports is to compete with a small group of friends and draft players that you own and control the rights to. Fantasy golf is all about picking different players for different weeks and having a limit on how many times they can be used. LAME.

I could seriously go on forever with this- and how much I despise fantasy golf and all the efforts going on by people trying to make a buck off the rich world of fantasy sports, but I have to spend the rest of my day scouting sleepers for my MLB draft coming up in March. - How To Play Fantasy Golf

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banatmfees says:
stay away from encarnacion!
mmontanaro says:
Well, I'll go one further, I think all fantasy sports are stupid. However, I like my fantasy golf team on yahoo. Maybe not the best fantasy golf game, but it accomplishes the one and only real reason fantasy sports should exist, IMO- to get the fan more in touch with what the players are doing. You take a ho-hum golf tournament and start watching you're fantasy team and it will get exciting! You find yourself pulling for an unknown because if he moves up one spot in the standings, you get more points. Without that, and you just watch on Sunday to see who wins.
Von-Diesel says:
I like what Montanaro said. Fantasy Sports do not have to work the same across all sports. Even each sport has it's own set of rules and regulations. Sorry, no cool-points for being a "hardcore" couch sleeper.
mjaber says:
I signed up for a fantasy golf league on Yahoo. Thought it might be interesting. I did a Majors "Pick-em" game last year.

I'm not a fan of fantasy team sports. I find that more often than not, fantasy football players stop routing for a team, and are routing for individual players. How do you sit there and hope Tom Brady throws 3 TD's, but none of them to Moss?
Kickntrue says:
@mjaber- that's easy... never draft a patriot. that's rule numero uno!

I agree that some fantasy does blur the line of fanship, but I'd argue how much of a fan were you in the first place if you really choose player over team? Plus- how many more people are bigger fans of the entire game because of fantasy? I'd argue a lot more in the same way @mmontanaro argued fantasy golf is to his liking.
manogolf says:
The fact is golf is not a team sport so it seems awkward to assemble a bunch of players into a team.
But golfers are for the most part gamblers, and golf is another way for them to place bets against their buddies. When you introduce restrictions on the number of times you can use a player throughout the year, substitutions, bench players, A, B, C players it starts to feel like other fantasy sport games and less like golf. So I set up a simple format for individuals to compete head to head against other users in a pick 5 format. Pay a $10 entry fee before the tournament starts, pick any five players (Pick Phil every week if you want, we don't care), if your five is better than anyone else, you win. Told you it was simple. Find my league at Good luck!
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