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2010 Golf Resolutions
By Kickntrue on 1/5/10
I'm 5 days late on my 2010 golf resolutions, but since 75% of all new year's resolutions are broken by now, I figured I'd beat the game. So- I have a couple resolutions like everyone else; the usual- eat better, stay healthy, spend time with the family, but let's be honest- what we care about here are the golf resolutions. I have one major resolution and then a couple smaller items that I'd rather call "goals" than resolutions because they depend on my golf not so much choices I make.

1. I'm going to walk 50 rounds of golf in 2010. While the "walking" part of the resolution is more for my health, the real meat of this resolution for me is to play 50 times, while using the health benefits of as a good excuse. I've never played 50 times in a year. I think the closest I've come is in the mid 40's. I work in the golf industry and work on a site that is all about playing golf, so this is just unacceptable. I figure with the "walking" caveat, there will also be times when I have to ride- so hopefully "making up" the rounds walking will put my total golf number somewhere around 60. That would rule!

2. I'm going to improve my putting. I'm hoping a lot of this will just come with playing, but putts per hole average is just putrid.

3. Break 80. I'll take a 79. Just one. Again, playing would probably be the best medicine for this goal- and one I need to get on. I've played about 2x in the past 4 months and my handicap is been going the wrong way. My guess is I can do this- but I'm guessing it will be on a course with a slope around 115 instead of 130. Hey- I'll take it.

4. Play 5 rounds with my wife. Before I knocked her up my wife was just getting into golf. Now that she's done the whole labor and sustaining part of my son's life, it's time to get her back on the course. I'd make this goal higher, but hey, someone has to babysit while I play 60 times!

Everything else- is just getting greedy. To make a "resolution" to hit a hole-in-one just seems like teasing the golf gods into playing hardball. I'd love to take another trip like I did to Nike in 2009, but that would just seem mean to you guys!

So- fess up and share!

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Banker85 says:
Play at least one round a week starting in March hopefully through October (weather permitting).

Pay more attention to setup before each shot.

improve my GIR.
lcgolfer64 says:
Echo the above - started back in early December when the weather shut it down here.

Make the trip somewhere this year - we loved the articles and the giveaways.

Here's mine:
- get back in good shape, started in December and well on the way, working from home helps (Amazing how quickly its coming back, me likey!)
- Practice at least twice a week on chipping and putting (indoors unfortunately)
- Walk way more rounds then I ride this year
- Play as well as others think I should. I heard too many times "I still don't understand why you play in the 80's..."
mjaber says:
- Get a backyard.
- Build a putting green and short game practice area in backyard.
Kickntrue says:
@majaber- I love those, but I'd need to add "- win the lottery" to make that happen.
DougE says:
One goal is to play at least 100 days/eves this year. Just bought a membership at my local course, so with 3-5 rounds per week staring in April, plus a Feb. trip to FL for 5-6 rds, 100 days is certainly feasible.

One resolution is to strengthen my upper body by spring, and then stretch/warm up properly before each round/practice so that I can keep my back, shoulders and elbows in good enough shape to play 100 times.

Another goal is to get down to a single digit hdcp. I'm realistic. I'm a 14 now. An 8 would make me happy. Clearly doable with good practice and 100 rds.

Most important resolution is to get focused on business. Yes work. I spend all my time focusing on golf, to the detriment of my business. I need it to prosper so I CAN AFFORD to play golf 100 days and continue to buy equipment every time I see something new or better, which seems to be a daily occurence! God, this game is addictive. Should have taken up heroin. I think it would've been cheaper!
Bryan K says:
I don't "do" New Year's resolutions. The way I look at it, we have 365 perfectly good days every year to set goals and standards for ourselves.

My first goal is 200 scores entered here at oob. I got close last season dispite a late start.

My second goal is to lose the 25 pounds I've put back on since golf season ended.

That about covers it. If my game improves, great!
Von-Diesel says:
While I do have a couple of golf-goals for this year (lower handicap, lose slice, make nice divots/improve ball striking ... ) I feel like I need to focus more on mental things, or playing habits, first.

For example, my biggest on-going issue is to get myself to step away/out of my stance if I don't like something even slightly; my grip, my posture, my aim, a bug on the ball, etc ... then readjust, and step back into it with confidence.
mjaber says:
For my score related resolutions:

- handicap under 20 (I got under 30 last year)
- break 85 (broke 90 last year)
- win all 3 summer holiday rounds (I play 1 course on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor day)
- get an eagle
- average 1 birdie per round.
chrisfb1 says:
after my two months golf vacation during a job change in 09, my resolution is being on a low key on golf in 2010 to save money. i know it wont be long until i change my mind when the warm days comes, but it is still nice to put it out there to remind myself.
bknapp45 says:
I will improve my putting to 30 putts/round, improve my wedge game, and shoot my first 70's round and lower my handicap to 1 or scratch
Banker85 says:
@bknapp: "lower my handicap to 1 or scratch" from 12 to 1 or 0? asking a lot dont ya think. golf gods might think thats being greedy. AND YOU WILL BE PUNISHED LOSING 1,000 BALLS THIS SEASON! i am bored.
Duke of Hazards says:
my goals are a little less lofty

post 15 rounds this year (I have a 1 and 2 year old, so free time is a bit scarce, but fortunately, my wife actually pushes me to go play more golf), break 100 consistently, get my handicap to 25
Torleif Sorenson says:
Just to have $$ to play. As @kickntrue knows, I haven't "had golf" since April of 2003. At least that was at Paiute's Snow Mountain course near Las Vegas...
melfe says:
I plan to date more of the cart-girls.
mjaber says:
One more: Get my scoring average under 100 (currently 106.5)
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