Wax- Not an impersonator.
Tiger Impersonator Losing Work
By Kickntrue on 1/6/10
Tiger's indiscretions may have cost him a ton of dough, but he has some to spare. What about the Tiger Woods impersonators out there?! They're screwed!
Canh Oxelson is a Tiger Woods lookalike, and has made a good chunk of change making TV and corporate appearances. It's a pretty cushy job, considering a Nike cap and red t-shirt and his genes are the job requirements. But nothing good lasts forever. Work's been hard to come by after Woods made himself temporarily as unmarketable as possible.

I was supposed to be a stand-in for a commercial a week after this all came out and that never came to fruition. And since then, I've had other people pull contracts off the table.

I've had companies ask me if I'd do a parody of Tiger. But I don't want to be piling on the guy."
Fortunately, at least in Mr Oxelson's case, he has a Master's degree from Harvard and will probably get by. Pretty funny to think about though- how huge Tiger's reach really is in all facets of odd industries.

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Banker85 says:
wow harvard degree tiger lookalike just seems like a phrase you would never think of putting together. huh.
activesense says:
Maybe it was a Tiger-like porking all them women!!??!!
Is it too late for him to change his story?
brad6432 says:
Man, if they want him to jump on the parody wagon, I'd double my prices....strike while the irons hot.
mmontanaro says:
I respect him for not doing the parody gig.
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