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Is Golf Your Favorite Sport
By Kickntrue on 1/7/10
In 3 years, I may have done this post before, but with the Mythical National Championship tonight it seems appropriate. Is golf your favorite sport? Really, with that, I guess I'm really asking if it's your favorite sport to watch. Unless you're an aspiring pro, you probably don't get many opportunities to play other sports like you would golf to call them your "favorite," but when it comes to TV and multiple sports are on, where do you turn?

I'll do a separate list for Saturday and Sunday. Of course it's a little weird because I'm mixing the whole year together and the seasons don't always cross, but the hierarchy should still hold true. Obviously there are events that would get put supersede these lists like March Madness or an NFL Saturday afternoon playoff game but I'm using the general concepts of Saturday and Sunday television viewing basically to separate pro and college football and the round of golf being played.

Feel free to simplify your lists in the comments.

Saturday Afternoon TV Watching Hierarchy
1. Penn State Football Game
[1.5 Actually Playing Golf]
2. Top Tier College Football Game
3. Major Championship Golf (3rd round)
4. Philadelphia Phillies Game
5. College Basketball (Top Teams)
6. Random College Football Game
7. Solid Golf Tourney (With Tiger Woods)
8. LPGA Major Championship (3rd round)
9. DVD/On Demand/TNT/TBS Crappy Movie
10. Random Golf Tourney (no Tiger Woods)
[10.5 Anything Away From House]

Sunday Afternoon TV Watching Hierarchy
[.5 Actually Playing Golf]
1. Major Championship Golf (Final round)
2. Good NFL Game (any top matchup)
3. Steelers Game
4. Any NFL Game
5. Solid Golf Tourney (With Tiger Woods)
6. LPGA Major Championship (Final round)
7. College Basketball (Top Teams)
8. Replay of Penn State sports on Big 10 Network
9. Random Golf Tourney (no Tiger Woods)
10. DVD/On Demand/TNT/TBS Crappy Movie
[10.5 Doing Anything Else Not On Couch]

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TravisMiller says:
Playing golf on both occasions. I don't watch TV!
bjoern says:
I will watch all NFL games that weekend

Greetings from Germany
Banker85 says:
For me its basically all playoffs (football, basketball, baseball) and all rounds of majors i watch. i do watch more golf than anything. i just enjoy it, it relaxes me, nothing like some guacamole, nice cold miller lite, and some Tiger.
kidputter says:
Playing first, followed by the Eagles, Phillies, and then NFL games. Watching golf comes in next, unless it's a Major. Then the final round supersedes all but playing.
Matt F says:
Playing first. Then motor racing, not drags, dirt track or NASCAR circle (NASCAR street track is good). Any street type circuit racing is what I'm in to. The only thing better than watching is actually racing...I'm on the hunt for a new race car now.

Bryan K says:
I'm a 49er fan first and foremost. I can only recall once in my life where playing golf took priority over a 49er game, and that was a charity tournament. Other than that, I haven't missed a 49er game, either watching or listening via an internet radio stream, since Steve Young was quarterback.

That said, golf is definitely my favorite sport to play. Basketball takes a distant second with baseball being third. Oddly enough, I can't stand watching either golf, basketball, or baseball....and I've never played football.
mmontanaro says:
Golf is my favorite sport. A close second is baseball. I could care less about football and basketball. If I have the opportunity to play, that supercedes all except maybe a major or World Series game (if my team is in- if they're not, the World Series is just early Spring Training). I love watching golf and baseball, especially in HD/Surround Sound. Doesn't get much better than that! I also try to get to at least one ballgame and one golf tournament per year.
falcon50driver says:
mwfaith1971, what kind of race car are you looking for? I've raced drag cars and dirt track. I can tell you I like the drag racing much more, as a competetor. Mainly because you can have a much nicer car. A drag car is fun to drive and it doesn't get beat up and dirty.
meddle says:
I grew up in Penn State country, so I have to agree with you on that! For me, Major or Ryder Cup above all things. Then college football and basketball, then NFL, then regular PGA events, then LPGA events. Non-playoff NBA is horrible because no one tries.
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