Rick Reilly On PGA Tour Logo
By Kickntrue on 7/8/11
As the European Tour changes their logo to Seve, should the US Tour do the same? ESPN's Rick Reilly takes a crack at new logos the PGA Tour could have- if they decided to feature great pros. In Rick Reilly fashion- some are more serious than others. I'm a fan of the Tiger logo and Byron Nelson. By the way- laziest "column" ever. He writes 2 sentences and then a designer does the rest of it bases of a couple of simple ideas (kind of like I just did with this "story").

On a completely separate tangent, but relating to ripping on Reilly- has any writer been more hurt by the internet? Reilly use to be the king of untold stories that rip on your heartstrings and leave you in tears. Now- thanks to the internet- these stories are public in hours and everyone knows the intimate details making Reilly's articles reading more like followups.

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homermania says:
Theses are all great. The Daly and Tiger ones are the best.
billbadaz says:
where is the robert garrigus? Does that short putter double as a bong?
wrhall02 says:
I understand every log (had a good chuckle), except Lord Byron on a tractor. Can anyone explain?
bobhooe says:
pre lap band Daly is funny
jrbizzle says:
nelson had that straw hat and he used to say all he ever wanted from golf was enough money to buy a big ranch. With today's purses he would have been stupid rich.
carv712 says:
I think the only thing lazier than Reilly's article is this posting about it.
Kickntrue says:
Props to Dottom for incorporating the design into his new avatar- oobgolf.com/golfers/dottomm
dottomm says:
Thanks Kickntrue. I loves me the internet. Big thanks to the original artist.
jwilder78 says:
Pretty funny concept, but the Nicklaus one is totally legit. I think it is the most iconic image in golf. Even as a silhouette, I think it's instantly recognizable. I was a young kid when he won the '86 Masters and didn't grow up even thinking about it, but it's been shown so many times now, it's been burned into most golf viewers' brains. I'd be 100% cool with it if they actually changed it to that.

On that note, is there a picture of the Seve logo? Has that been finalized?
MB 2.0 says:
I love the Jack Nicklaus one, but what about the picture of Payne Stewart winning the 1999 U.S. Open?
Banker85 says:
Daly logo is funny. Jack's is the best, but i like it the way it is now.
Paolo says:
wrhall02.... I may be wrong, but, didn't Byron Nelson quit golf to become a farmer/rancher as it was a better living back then.
Agustin says:
The one for Chi Chi is also a classic; however it should be for the Champions Tour ;)
wrhall02 says:
Thanks Paolo.
dpoimboeuf says:
Augusta and the USGA would file cease and desist orders if the PGA would use either the Nicklaus image from the 86 Masters or Payne Stewart winning the US Open. That's the tour's biggest problem, the most memorable moments in golf happen outside their domain
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