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Blast From The Past!
By Kickntrue on 1/8/10
Back in the Summer of 2006 Zinedine Zidane was one of the best footballers and the world- and he headbutted a crazy Italian in the final of the World Cup. oobgolf.com had not launched yet- but we were working on everything- and the YouTube video was getting millions of hits the day after it happened so we tried to capitalize. This is what we came up with.

Since 99.99% of you have never seen this- I figured I'd show it off on a cold (very cold) winter day. It actually gets me excited for this summer! Go USA!

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aaronm04 says:
Soccer makes me gag. And knowing this moron, who melted down in the decisive game no less, was voted MVP makes me despise it even more. And perhaps Bill Buckner should've been voted MVP of the 1986 World Series....
Bernie Duffer says:
Yes, Zidane was a fool. However, you are gagging on the sport with the most participants, the most fans, the richest worldwide television contracts and the most prosperous teams. Our sports of football, baseball, basketball, hockey and all the others are quaint little enterprises compared to soccer by any measure.
chrisfb1 says:
it is a shame in certain stage that people think NFL is such a big sport,but only this country plays it. what makes me gag is the "World Series". it makes me laugh everytime i hear it. what qualifies "World" when no one else really play this game. It might as well call it the "Super Series" or the "American Series". it is like whole bunch of kids came up the name because they haven't seen the rest of the world.
sigmapete1 says:
If you can show me a team outside of the MLB that can compete with an MLB team, then I'd happily concede that its not a series of the best teams in the world. But the fact remains that the best players from all over the WORLD play in the MLB. Just because the games take place in the US doesn't mean its not a competition involving the best the world has to offer. If you are advocating a home country based league rather than a professional one, it's called the world baseball classic and all that has proved is that all the best players in the world are already playing on an MLB team.
flaghunter08 says:
this argument will go on forever, I have played both sports and I coached Futbol at the rec level. U.S. Football is unique, I tell my Soccer players when they enter high school to strap on a helmet, pads, put in a mouth piece and go experience the raw violence that is american football. But, practices suck big time; screaming coaches, punishments, the restriction of water, the wolf pack mentality. In Euro futbol, practices are hard with hours of running, scrimmaging and getting the teamwork down. Most soccer players could play defensive back or wide reciever. Big, heavy guys can't run long enough so they can't compete. During a match, players run five or more miles in 90 minutes with no time outs.

Zidane said later in an interview that the Italian defense was cursing the women in his family from the first minute of play. He regretted loosing his temper during a world Cup Final. He looked like a safety in the NFL with that spear he put on that Italian defender. His play up until them was phenomenal.
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