Mini Golf Course Lawsuit
By Kickntrue on 1/7/10
The city of Atlantic City and some of its top officials are named as defendants in a lawsuit for unethical practices in approving a mini-golf course.
Four neighbors of the proposed Pirate Island Golf course filed the complaint, although many people who live near the site - in a Ventnor Avenue business district between Franklin and Frontenac avenues - have opposed the project. The developers want to build a two-level miniature-golf course that would replace a Sun National Bank branch that closed in early 2008.

The defendants include the city; its Planning Board; City Commissioner Dan Campbell - who also voted to approve the project on the Planning Board; Margate's zoning officer/land-use administrator, Roger Rubin; the would-be owners of the course, Sports Development Inc., of Somers Point; and Vineland-based Sun Bank.
Atlantic city residents- what are you thinking! Someone is offering to build a 2 story mini-golf course and you're pissed?! Would you rather them turn it into another strip club or casino?! I'd kill to have any decent mini-golf course within reasonable Friday night driving distance.

Shame on you. I'm rooting for the city- and Pirate Island Golf!

Go get 'em. ARRGGH.

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TeT says:
I hate Mini Golf, it kills my putting average...
activesense says:
Are any of the minigolf courses in the oob database? I rocked at Moose Mountain at the Mall of America last season. 3 aces, and I finished 7 under par, and all with a little rubber putter and a blue colored Top Flight reject ball.
falcon50driver says:
A real quality mini golf can be kind of interesting. Too often though, they're just a few two by fours and some outdoor carpet. I wouldn't want some crap like that in my neighborhood either.
Bryan K says:
If there was a "real" mini golf the one that used to be in Bemidji, Minnesota, I'd be a member...and I'd be there every night after sundown if it was lighted.
mjaber says:
I vote for the strip club.
lcgolfer64 says:
Can't we all just get along?... Mini-Golf Strip Club with slots while waiting for the next hole to open up.

@activenese - Moose Mountain = two thumbs up!
mjaber says:
@lcgolfer64.... "Mini-Golf strip club with slots... next hole to open" There's way too much innuendo going on there. I've gotten overloaded and fried my innuendo board.
lcgolfer64 says:
@mjaber - hahaha! uhh.. err.. umm...(stutteringly stuck on the next words to say) uhhh.. Next article please! haha! =)
jbird899 says:
I played at the Pirate golf in Somers Point and it's really good. Not the cheesy wind mill old school kind (which are fun). I'm all for it. There is a nice new shopping and restaurant area in AC that I'm hoping is where they are going to put it.
Trav says:
Does this mean it will be a mini lawsuit with pretend lawyers using pretend rules?
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