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City To Put Energy Substation On Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 1/8/10
The city of East Austin, Texas, wants to build an energy substation on the 14th green of one of the Morris Williams Golf Course. I don't know what an energy substation looks like but I'm sure it isn't pretty.
Austin Energy would pay the city's Parks and Recreation Department, which owns the golf course, an estimated $2 million to build the substation. The utility would also swap land it owns nearby so the parks department can create a small park. Such arrangements are common if one city department uses land owned by another.

Some golfers support the plan because the parks department would use the $2 million to renovate buildings and grounds at the 46-year-old course.
The funny thing is- nobody is proposing that the substation actually be built near the people who it is being built for. I guess kick Austin while they're down and they can take all their lumps at once. First Colt McCoy, now a golf course. Now if we can just steal SXSW the city will be ruined!! It's probably all being orchestrated by Nick Saban as we speak... or Tiger Woods.

It's looks like we have a pretty good number of scores from the Morris Williams course on oob. Any local opinions?

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tennesseeboy says:
I can't speak for the National Championship Loser state (formally known as Texas) but I would welcome $2 million in improvement to my local municipal courses in exchange for a substation on one hole. Or even better, put the substation in my back yard and give me $2 mill.

Most municipal courses are more practical than beautiful. I play one municipal course that is beside a large coal fired power plant. While it not very pretty to look at, the power plant has never hurt my score or lessoned my enjoyment of the game. Since it contributes to global warming which extends the golf season, it may actually improve my game.

I wouldn't want to see this happen to Augusta National. But for most municipal courses, take the money and live with the substation.
bducharm says:
@toothlessboy, errrr tennesseeboy, next time you open up the can, be ready for the whoop-ass you are gonna receive!!! Texas may have lost the the football game last night however 'tis better to have played than not in over a decade!!! And while you're at it, slap a muzzle on Smokey, I mean Lane Kiffin!!! Maybe he can quit humping coeds long enough to actually coach a football team!!! You shouldn't have gone there, my friend.
bducharm says:
Oh yeah, something about a substation and a golf course too - take the money and use it to make improvements. Morris Williams needs improving...
TeT says:
Would have much rather seen the advertised game, at least Gilbert & Texas made a show of it at the end....

That 2 million is going to be used to build a Dog Park, sounds like Austin is about to have its first 17 hole golf course!
falcon50driver says:
I played Morris Williams a bunch of times back when we used to fly into Robert Mueller airport. It was just outside the fence. Mueller airport finally got choked out of existance by the city of Austin. I'm surprised that the golf course still exists, considering how valuable the land must be now. Bducharm, thanks for taking up for Texas.
bducharm says:
@TeT - Garrett Gilbert showed he is going to be a heck of a QB for Texas!!! We are excited about the future!!!

@merlin2driver - no worries my Longhorn Brother!!!
tennesseeboy says:
@ all Texans - Sorry guys. I didn't mean to set anyone off. I sometime forget that on the internet people can't always tell when your just playing around or when you're trying to be a jerk. I was actually cheering for Texas and have always been a Mack Brown fan. He's also a Tennessee boy and he's a class act. It's bad the way the game turned out. It always sucks to lose a great player to injury. I know it must really hurt to loss someone as great as Colt McCoy in such a big game.
bducharm says:
@tennesseeboy - I take that ALL back then - thanks for clearing that up!!! Mack is a great football coach but an even better person. Same goes for Colt - he continues to stand on his faith and no matter what he does in life, he will always be successful. Would have LOVED to see him play that last game.
woobwoob says:
I play a few courses in TX that have natural gas rigs on them. The revenue from the land lease allows the golf course to make improvements. Unfortunately, they are also raising prices too prematurely to make up for the paltry improvements they've must thus far.

Essentially they put a huge sound barrier wall around the entire thing, so the scenery doesn't get harmed too much.
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