Barkley And Golf Channel Get SNL Treatment
By Kickntrue on 1/11/10
Charles Barkley was on Saturday Night Live this weekend and the Golf Channel and Hank Haney were lampooned. I like that they didn't just rip on Barkley, but actually took multiple shots at the channel as well. Seriously, it should be a golfer's dream, but it is just dreadful. Outside of a first and second round coverage of a live event (or maybe 3am reruns of Big Break) I just can't make myself watch it.

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Backquak says:
Barkley was funny. He flubbed some lines and his timing was off in several skits, but they were funny.
bducharm says:
Mostly Charles was really unwatchable. He is a REALLY funny guy but he was too wooden and reading versus just being funny. The ski lodge skit was HORRENDOUS!!!
Banker85 says:
for the most part he did a good job but i agree with bud, he is funnier when he just says the random stuff that goes through his head.
Mjw71772 says:
I think he should have stayed off SNL after his wonderful skit with Barney way back in the day. Nothing can top Sir Charles whooping up on that Big Purple Pedophile, Not even a whole season of the Haney Project.
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