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Natlie Gulbis Mixes Up Phallic Memorials
By Kickntrue on 1/12/10
Okay- so this is a pretty honest mistake but still, Natalie Gulbis was in DC today with the Solheim Cup team and mislabeled a picture of the Washington Monument. She incorrectly called it the Lincoln Memorial.

Yah- that's about it.

Natalie's TwitPic Account

So- the REAL reason I'm posting this is so I can talk a little about Natalie, and one of my favorite shows on TV- How I Met Your Mother. Last night's episode featured a single phrase that I wish I had coined long ago- because I've certainly used the concept, even on this very sight.

Situational Hotness

Describes Natalie Gulbis perfectly. If she were not a pro athlete she would not be hot. She would not turn heads walking down the street. She is a perfectly attractive lady- and I'm sure very nice, but the fact is- the pro golfer piece is what makes her so hot. Situational Hotness.

And- for those who watched last night (or didn't) I'll leave you with this... because if you're a fan of the show you've maybe never laughed harder.

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windowsurfer says:
Suits? Must be an east coast thing. Ms did-you-see-the-surfing-segment-on-golfchannel Gulbis is "situationally hot"? Right. And Tiger's an average putter. Lastly, you guys have phallic memorials?
mjaber says:
You don't turn your head and watch attractive women walk down the street?
Snyper says:
That was 3 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Please eliminate this post and return some respect to the site!
Kickntrue says:
@snyper- Sorry I can't put those 3 minutes back on your life... fortunately, I have a pretty good idea what you would've spent those 3 minutes doing instead, and I don't feel that bad. As far as bringing back respect to this site... hmmm... that ship may have sailed a long time ago! haha.
Banker85 says:
first off i love "how i met your mother" SUIT UP!

second i would like my monument between their faces!

third - yes she is situtionally hot. i mean ya if she walked past i would be like "id hit that" but she is no TEN by any means compared to other chicks.
cjgiant says:
LOL - let's get an East Coast-West Coast golf war going... of course we have phallic memorials, who doesn't?!? And I can't trust anyone from the West Coast (home of Hollywood) who thinks Gulbis would be considered hot if she were an actress or something...

I agree more with Banker85 pont #3.
Matt F says:
Wasn't that monument renamed the William Jefferson Clinton memorial?

windowsurfer says:
Irreverence and dysfunction, just like a good sat morn 4-some - which I where i prefer to make my objectifying women comments, in sanctity of the tee-box. ("The cart girl's an 8 . . .")
Tim Horan says:
@snyper - keep it real -let's get back to golf issues, on the other hand... she's really hot anyway, golf or not.
Mjw71772 says:
Okay loved the video, snyper, if you dont like the fact we are actual people trying to be golfers, find a better site out there....OH WAIT THERE ISNT ONE..

As far as Natalie being Situationally Hot, I dont buy it, I mean she wouldnt be Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Material, but still hot. That is like saying Anna Kournikova is Situationally Hot, when we all know she got famous from tennis, but she was born so hot the Devil calls her up for a visit when hell is a lil chilly.

The video is awesome, funny how the second gayest man in Hollyweird (behind Ryan Seacrest) is playing the manwhore on that show..

Just my thoughts
Mjw71772 says:
Oh and one more thing, depending on what side of the Washington Memorial they are on, I guess the Lincoln Memorial could be in the background, you may not be able to see it though. Put that in your pipe and smoke it....Haha. sorry its way too early and the golf course isnt open yet.
windowsurfer says:
Like Mjw says about DC geography, plus, Ms Gulbis may not have posted the pic/caption - coulda been an intern @ the Golf Channel. She has made a lot of money playing golf, she has a dream job and accdg to oobgolf stats, she could probably beat most of us on the golf course. Wish I was that dumb.
cheymike says:
Personally, I think Michelle is hotter. But then, there's no accounting for taste. (No that was not meant to be a pun!)
chrisfb1 says:
sorry kids. the Lincoln Memorial is in the far away back ground. working down the street for many years, it is kind of difficult for people to figure out where it is in this area.
chrisfb1 says:
BTW, Michelle is way hotter then Natalie, at least she is not loud around people. that adds a lot of points for married man! lol!
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