Fowler, the obvious #1 Rookie to Watch.
Top 2010 PGA Tour Rookies
By Kickntrue on 1/13/10
Who should you keep your eyes on in 2010? Well, Rickie Fowler, obviously, but 19 others rookies will be playing on the PGA Tour this season. Golfweek's Sean Martin breaks down the Top 10 noobs and truly, after Fowler it's a group of completely unknown players. Frankly, I don't know anyone else on the list other than Troy Merritt who won at Q-School this year, so I'll put him as my number 2.

See how I did that there? Choose a name you know- and make them your pick. Don't you hate it when your significant other beats you in NCAA pools by doing the same thing, or worse, by picking the prettiest colors or logo?! ... Not that I'm bitter about that or anything.

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bducharm says:
No doubt - Rickie Fowler wins a PGA Tour event this year!! Talent coming out the whazoo!!!
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