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USGA Awards $1.87M In Grants
By Kickntrue on 1/14/10
The USGA awarded $1,870,000 in 2009 with their "For the Good of the Game" Grants Initiative. Besides a couple concerns (which I'll discuss below) I think this is awesome! It's important that the USGA does this because I think a lot of people assume the organization is a couple old dudes sitting in a posh clubhouse after a round of golf trying to figure out new ways to penalize golfers when the wind blows your ball off the green (oh, that's just my fantasy of the USGA?).

One crazy thing about the list of organizations they give grant money to- it's HUGE! I think a lot of organizations giving money would pick 4 or 5 organizations and cut huge checks. I have to give the USGA a ton of credit for providing over 100 organizations with funding. Some of the checks are big and I'm sure a lot of the smaller grants fulfill requested needs.

The list is not without quesitons though. I want to be clear- all I have to go off is the location of the organization and the amount awarded and we need to remember this was grant/gift money so it's not like the USGA owed them anything.

... Still:

LPGA Foundation, Inc. ($200,000, Daytona Beach, Fla.)
National Alliance for Youth Sports ($100,000, West Palm Beach, Fla.)
World Golf Foundation ($100,000, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.)
Junior Golf Foundation of America, Inc. ($10,000, West Palm Beach, Fla.)
Pro Kids Golf Academy ($25,000, San Diego, Calif.)
Colorado Open Golf Foundation ($20,000, Denver, Colo.)
The Connecticut Golf Foundation ($20,000, Rocky Hill, Conn.)Chi

... In Contrast:

The First Tee of Fort Smith, Arkansas ($844, Fort Smith, Ark.)
Northwest Louisiana Youth Golf and Education Foundation ($1,480, Shreveport, La.)
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg PAL ($120, Charlotte, N.C.)
Wilmington Disabled Athletic Association ($292, Wilmington, N.C.)
Hillsboro Community Activities Association ($536, Hillsboro, N.D.)
Buffalo Inner City Youth Fan Club for Golfing Inc. ($752, Buffalo, N.Y.)
Houston Golf Association ($540, Humble, Texas)

and my favorite:

Roaring Lambs International Junior Golf Association ($44, Fort Worth, Texas)

What did the Roaring Lambs IJGA ask for? A couple bags of tees?!

Again- I don't know what the grant requests were specifically for- but when you look at the list it does raise some questions. I've been to West Palm Beach. They aren't hurting for opportunities to golf. Colorado and Connecticut don't conjure images of poverty either.

Overall though, I'm very happy to see this list and I'm glad the USGA makes it public where their money is being awarded. I'm sure a lot of the organizations receiving checks for $5k-$10k basically run their operational budgets from that money and I'd much rather see that than having the USGA just cut 3 big checks to well known organizations.

Full List

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maybe oob can get in on the action for 2010. use it to spruce up your moms basement or your "office" as you call it.
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Come on now, we all know his mom will not give him that much creative control over the decorating of his "ummm Office."
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