Daly Playing 20 Year Old Wedges
By Kickntrue on 1/15/10
If someone was going to figure out how to beat the USGA's new groove ruling wouldn't you have guessed Daly near the top of the list? This is 100% ingenuity.
John Daly used a set of wedges Thursday at the Sony Open in Hawaii that have square grooves, even though a new USGA regulation this year requires more of a V-shaped groove.

And those wedges are considered legal.

Daly is using Ping-Eye 2 wedges -- pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge -- that he first used at the 1986 U.S. Open when he was a sophomore in college.


Even in this new era of grooves, the old Ping wedges remain legal because of a lawsuit Ping filed against the USGA over square grooves that was settled in 1990. Under the settlement, any Ping-Eye 2 made before April 1, 1990, remains approved under the Rules of Golf.

"That settlement still takes precedence" over the new regulation, said Dick Rugge, the USGA's senior technical director.
The article goes to say Daly has found about 8 or 9 sets of old Ping-Eye 2 wedges so far and knows other players are buying them off eBay.

Ping cannot reproduce these irons so to be conforming the serial numbers must prove they were made before April 1, 1990. A player could still have his old clubs adjusted as they would any equipment they play.

Everyone go clean out your garage. You may now be holding gold. Imagine Zach Johnson and Vijay Singh on eBay in a bidding war over your junk! Almost makes me want to rush out before this becomes big news and try to snatch a couple sets up.

It looks like at least 25 oobers are lucky wedge lotto winners- Ping Eye 2 Wedges

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Shankapotamus says:
There is at least one set of these in my parents garage. I'd give mine to a PGA player just to have the satisfaction of knowing that the actual clubs I played with were being used on Tour. We're always trying to get our hands on what the pros play but no the tables are turned.
banatmfees says:
i have them!! SW and PW. but they are mine! all mine!
Matt F says:
My FIL has two sets. I saw some of the coverage on the Golf Channel last night and Daly had silver tape over the cavity of all the wedges.

David Rutland says:
What about the wear on the grooves? Are they allowed to you a tool to "sharpen" these grooves? I would think not. I would also think that worn down square grooves wouldn't be as effective as new V-grooves.
Kickntrue says:
@david rutland- no- they would not be allowed to sharpen the grooves. daly talked about this a bit- and said the sets he was looking for were in pretty good shape. i'm sure alot of them would not be though. Wedge wear is pretty interesting and you get a lot of different answers depending who you talk to. I know a couple really good players who swear a wedge is good for years- and then others who think they need a new wedge every 3 months.
mjaber says:
CBS Sports needs to do a bit more research before putting up a story. I was browsing through the "Truth & Rumors" section of SI.com and they had a blurb about this. They state that the only way to circumvent the rule would be for Ping to begin to remanufacture these wedges.

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