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Ryan Palmer Leading FexExCup Race!
By Kickntrue on 1/18/10
Ryan Palmer is either very good or very lucky- but either way he's $990k richer today. Palmer's chip on the 72nd hole of the Sony Open was hit a little strong but hit the pin squarely and ended up inches from the hole instead of 10 feet past. He tapped in for birdie and Robert Allenby missed his birdie putt giving Palmer his 3rd career win. For Allenby- it is the 7th time in his career he's the First Loser (remember those ridiculous "No Fear" shirts?). Add his 4 career wins and Allenby has finished in the Top 2, 11 times in his career. You don't think of Robert Allenby as being a great player, but that is a pretty nice career for most PGA Tour players... also known as an average year on Tour for Tiger Woods.

Steve Stricker finished 3rd and continues to be the best golfer in the world that nobody wants to talk about. I think this is a grave injustice which is why I've decided to devote the rest of this post to him. Steve is ranked ... eh, never mind- I got bored just thinking about him.

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jeremyheslop says:
No knocking Strick. He's got a solid game and attitude to match. Maybe if he gave a few more fist pumps and ... nevermind.
sepfeiff says:
Nick Faldo: "Steve Stricker next to putt . . .ZZzzZZZzzzZZ"
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